Being from Chicago, the first weekend of August holds a very dear place in all of our hearts. For those who live in the city, you see them setting up the stages in the middle of Grant Park and you know exactly what's coming. Recently, I've found myself longing for the heat of the summer to come and that's solely because of this one weekend. Lollapalooza is a roller coaster that is emotional, amazing, and draining all at once. Your highs are amazing as you watch some of the most popular artists perform right in front of you but your lows are extremely low when you're sick of dealing with crowds and all you want to do is take your shoes off and lay down. Despite that, anyone who goes to Lollapalooza can tell you that there is no better place to be. Going to school so far away from home has made me miss a lot of that but the pictures I have from former festivals remind me of what's to come.

In the next couple of weeks, tickets will go on sale. Then shortly after will come the lineup. Personally, I find a ton of joy in guessing who I think the lineup will include but I will save that for another week, but spoiler alert I'm guessing Childish Gambino or J Cole which either would be TOTALLY okay with me. In former years, I have seen some of the greatest concerts of my life. Whether it be Chance the Rapper or Post Malone, some of my favorite memories come straight out of Grant Park.

With being a college student, many people view Lollapalooza as their last big hurrah with their friends. The summer finally winding down, your skin is glowingly tan and in the next couple weeks, friends will begin to leave to go back to school. That being said, everyone tends to make the best of the time they have and have a blast over the 4 days they spend together. Whether you come from the North Shore and take the Metra into Ogilvie or if you are fortunate enough to stay in a hotel down in the Loop, it is undeniable that you spend an insane amount of time with your friends that whole weekend. Now I'm not going to lie, you will get sick of your friends but when you look back at the time you guys shared together, that part of the weekend tends to get blurred by the other amazing experiences.

Overall, I want this article just to be a thankful and a Public announcement that I am so excited for this summer's Lollapalooza. I've read some articles that Ariana Grande will be headlining and you best believe my friends and I will be out there dancing like fools to Thank You Next. This music festival had allowed for some of the happiest moments in my life thus far. While the crowds might be a lot to handle, your feet will ache, you might see some freaks doing some drugs, nothing and I mean nothing beats the musicians you get to hear and the fun you have with the people you surround yourself with.