Top Lollapalooza 2018 Trends

Every year, Lollapalooza displays changing fashion and festival trends in the Midwest. Some timeless pieces turn out to be trends. Some trends return year after year. Here are the highlights of what was most popular at Lolla this year!

1. Bags With Straps

There was surprisingly a significant less amount of fanny packs. Instead, people were wearing textile bags with longer straps, or plain drawstring bags.

2. Crop Tops & Bralettes

The more torso showing, the better. Body suits are phasing out to make room for smaller tops.

3. Jeweled Foreheads

Forehead jewels stuck on piece by piece were everywhere - individuality with each design!

4. Overalls

Jean overalls, white overalls, overalls with straps hanging off - all could be found at Lollapalooza this year.

5. Glitter Alien Buns

Two small buns on top with glitter sprinkled all over the hairline. Glitter was everywhere - impossible to get in the crowd and come out with no glitter.

6. Jerseys

Girls and guys alike, people wore their jerseys to rep their city.

Fanny packs and bodysuits, two of the biggest trends from previous years, were less common this year. They gave way to make room for these new trends. Every year, trends cycle in and out, and it'll be exciting to see what's out there next year!

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