Logan Paul's "Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow" Video Misses The Mark
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Logan Paul's "Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow" Video Misses The Mark

Paul seems to miss the point of making a video solely about the issue of suicide, rather than himself and his mistake.

Logan Paul's "Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow" Video Misses The Mark
Thumbnail from Logan Paul's new video "Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow"

Logan Paul faced considerable backlash for his Youtube video filming a victim of suicide in the Aokigahara forest of Japan.

Now after a brief written apology and subsequent filmed apology-- both of which people felt lacked substance-- Paul has posted a video to his Youtube channel promoting suicide awareness and prevention.

Paul’s most recent video attempts to highlight the severity of suicide and its impacts. He mentions some statistics on the issue, and even includes a survivor of suicide, Kevin Hines, who shares his story.

The video, even if made with good intentions, still falls short of proving Paul has really changed, or even learned from his mistake.

With trivial shots of Paul washing his hands, as if to symbolize his washing away an old self, the video lacked a genuine depth and promise of real change for Paul.

Although, Paul does call attention to his own ignorance on the subject and includes dialogue between himself and Bob Forrest, founder of Alo House Recovery Center in Malibu.

Forrest actually calls Paul out for his ignorance on such a widespread issue, "You've never known anybody that has killed themselves [sic]? But in Ohio, where you come from, it's the second leading cause of death."

Even with quotes from survivors and tips from experts on how to prevent suicide, it is hard to ignore the fact that Paul largely makes himself the focus of the video.

Beginning with video clips from various news sources bashing Paul's original video, and continuing with Paul speaking as if he is a sort of martyr, "But what happens when you're given an opportunity to make a difference in the world?

"I'm here to have a hard conversation, so that those who are suffering can have easier ones."

Instead of using the interviews of said conversations as a time to focus solely on experts and those who have experienced suicidal thoughts or actions, Paul includes himself in almost every shot.

Including an interview with Hines, and showing his raw emotions from his experience, was quite moving and one of the most important parts of the video.

The cliche tips, the vague clips of Paul looking somber, and the voiceover with Paul's pensive tone all make it seem as though he is feigning empathy.

We will have to wait and see how Paul chooses to continue his channel on Youtube, and if his future videos also feature this newly found version of himself.

What is important to take away from the video is that there are resources available to people who are suffering from mental illness.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

Here in Tampa, the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay is available for people experiencing suicidal tendencies, as well as victims of domestic violence and abuse. Their emergency hotline is 2-1-1.

You can also find therapists and psychiatrists in your area, and who are covered under your insurance, on the Psychology Today website.

USF also offers training for suicide prevention via Campus Connect, which is available to all students, faculty, and organizations at USF Tampa.

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