Logan and Veronica Are The Best Couple

Today was one of those rare days were I found myself having nothing to do. Class cancelled. Work cancelled. And what's one more day to put off starting finals? How could I not take advantage of this free day? Especially after days of doing nothing but class, homework, class, homework, presentations. I needed a free day.

I woke up and after I got my coffee, I just got back in bed. Glorious. I snuggled up in my bathrobe and grabbed my computer. Only to venture onto YouTube and listen to some tunes. Just letting autoplay roll on while I scrolled through Buzzfeed. The next thing I knew, the greatest videos on the planet were. FANMADE TV SHOW COUPLE VIDEOS.

Not that I'm surprised. I mean I watch them on the daily. Nothing out of the ordinary. There is nothing better than watching them; sometimes I prefer them to the actual show because you get to see their entire relationship progression in a matter of minutes, and most always put to an intense tune.

Okay, sorry. That isn't true. The show is better. The show is always better, but sometimes the show is not within reach. And the YouTube videos are always there.

AH, they are seriously too good. The greatest things. They all portray the most brilliant of LoVe stories. Logan and Veronica. Veronica and Logan. Their story IS epic. You know. Okay. I'm not going to write the whole speech for you. But best believe that I could. I know it by heart.

It's hard for me to put to words their intense love. The fact that Logan was only supposed to be a minor character in a few episodes, but good ol' Rob spotted their spark, their undeniable connection which resulted in the greatest love story of all time.

Their relationship is a testament of time. They go from being friends because of the whole Logan being Lilly's boyfriend and Duncan's BFFL with matching boxers. That glorious life gets smashed apart by Lilly's death. Changing everyone. Hurting everyone.

Then comes the "and let’s not forget Logan Echolls. His dad makes twenty million a picture. You probably own his action figure. Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass. He’s ours." phase. The one where Logan and Veronica hate each other and barely speak.

But that is short lived because Logan's mom perishes and Logan is forced to go to Veronica for help. That is where their whole relationship truly begins. They try to fight it, but nothing can drag them apart.

Season 1, episode 18, Weapons of Class Destruction!!! Their first kiss. It is actual magic. The way it is portrayed. So spur of the moment. And then when Veronica pulls away and shakes her head, like it was all a mistake. She walks away, but Logan grabs her arm and pulls her back in. You know the scene.

From then on it is up and down. Tears and smiles and laughs and tears and death and tears and banter. And banter. Ah, the banter. There IS nothing like it. I love it all. I don't think I have ever been more in love with a couple in my life. Seriously. Just thinking about them and their undeniable chemistry makes me cry.

And while the movie is a sore spot for me, the fact that LoVe is secured will forever push the movie up a free notches for me. They are meant to be together. And I rarely through MTB around.

I'm in LoVe. Love.

It's official, I'm going back to the grind aka more LoVe YouTube videos.

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