Local Music — Getting To Know Local Bands
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Local Music — Getting To Know Local Bands

Up and coming music: menace of the canvas.

Local Music — Getting To Know Local Bands

Many people see music as an outlet in life; something that can draw attention away from the struggles and pain of life. Music can get people through stressful days, and the best thing about music is that it can be expressed in many different ways. Music is used to describe anger, happiness, sadness, aggravation, and even fear. When it comes to Menace Of The Canvas, much of the aggravation and fear disappears as if it were never there to begin with. Menace Of The Canvas is an alternative rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Formed in 2014, the band currently consists of vocalist Katie Troy, guitarist Joey Jones, bassist Julia Comerford, and drummer Devin Reilly. Menace Of The Canvas currently has two records out, their “Infinity” demo, as well as their debut self-recorded album “Disruptions”. Although these two records were recorded by Menace Of The Canvas themselves, it sounds tremendous, and the audio itself is quite catchy.

Menace Of The Canvas has played at a few venues, and even headlined their own show in November 2015. The band has played at Championships Bar & Grill (Trenton, NJ), The Trocadero (Philadelphia, PA), PhilaMOCA (Philadelphia, PA), and World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA). Members of the band are not your typical artist, perhaps they are. Their hobbies include playing their instruments, learning new instruments, playing video games, rowing boats, and jamming out. Music that one listens to is often a reflection of how they feel, music that people make can also reflect from feelings as well. Menace Of The Canvas get some of their inspiration from bands such as The Killers, My Chemical Romance, and Muse. As Menace Of The Canvas works on new music they play shows throughout the Philadelphia/New Jersey area. In 2015 Menace Of The Canvas competed in the Philadelphia Battle Of The Bands, winning the first round and placing in third during the final round. Later that year the band released their “Infinity” demo (July) then released their debut self-recorded album “Disruptions” (November). In November of 2015 Menace Of The Canvas headlined their first show, which was the CD release show for their album “Disruptions”. After playing this show Menace Of The Canvas switched up their lineup a bit, gaining their original keyboardist back as a guitarist. In the following months Menace Of The Canvas picked up current vocalist Katie Troy.

Most people see music as a hobby, whether it’s making music, playing music, or listening to it. But that is not the case for the members of Menace Of The Canvas, as they hope for the music industry to be less corrupt, and to be more open minded towards genres such as their own. The band felt as if people do not motivate artist properly; instead people continue to bring artist down, bashing on their creations that took time and effort. In the future Menace Of The Canvas hopes to put out a new album, to tour around and promote the album as well. Any upcoming shows or music can be found at Menace Of The Canvas’ Facebook page, and if you wish to contact them for booking just shoot them a message or email the band at Menaceofthecanvasofficial@gmail.com. Music is limitless, and the creation that everyone has inside them is truly special, never be afraid to show who you really are and express what you feel inside through music.

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