7 Reasons Local Coffee Shops Are Better Then Starbucks
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7 Reasons Local Coffee Shops Are Better Then Starbucks

Two words: white coffee.

7 Reasons Local Coffee Shops Are Better Then Starbucks

Local coffee shops will always be better than big chain coffee shops. With local coffee shops, you get the aroma and vibe you want in a coffee shop, along with better prices and more drink options.

Here are seven reasons why local coffee shops are better than big chain coffee shops:

1. White coffee

Most local coffee shops I've been to have this amazing thing called white coffee. If you haven't tried white coffee you really need to. White espresso has more caffeine and a nuttier flavor. It also has less of the bitterness of regular coffee for you anti-coffee drinkers out there.

2. Interesting people

Local coffee shops always have a story. The workers, the owners, and the customers. Some people go to the same coffee shop every day and have for years, you'll never know what kind of people you'll meet there.

3. Shop local

If you support local coffee shops, you're supporting your city. Supporting local business is key to a great community.

4. More drink options

Local coffee shops are always known to have so many drink options, the menu is endless. Even if it's not on the menu baristas always have recommendations on the best drink concoctions.

5. Daily specials

Many local coffee shops have daily specials throughout the week. It could be 50 cents off your drink or even a happy hour on Red Bulls, there's always some sort of special that you can get a deal on.

6. Punch cards

Local coffee shops are known for having punch cards. Usually, buy 10 drinks get one drink any size free. These are the best because you can save them up and use them on a yummy drink when you are having a rough Monday.

7. Atmosphere

In local coffee shops, there's always a different atmosphere than big name coffee shops. There's usually more spots to study and chit-chat as well as interesting art to look at. The atmosphere is just better local.

S/O to Purple Peaches Coffee, the best local coffee shop!

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