If you haven’t read my Odyssey writer’s bio, or my Valentine’s Day entry, or my picks for the best instrumental theme songs, or seen the cover photos of some of my previous articles, this next fact will surprise you.

I’m a big fan of Tina Fey. I love her writing. I love her autobiography, Bossypants. I love her acting. And I love her sense of humor. Basically, I’m just as obsessed with Tina Fey as I am with Taylor Swift.

The thing that I love the most about Tina Fey? Her sitcom 30 Rock, in particular, the lead character, Liz Lemon, played by Fey.

Why you may ask?

Liz Lemon is the feminist heroine we all deserve today. She’s smart, self-aware, has a great job, and sane most of the time.

But one of the reasons people love Liz Lemon, and 30 Rock in general, is that she’s relatable. She doesn’t feel like a character in a TV show or movie that is “too perfect.” We all know the ones.

It makes sense that she’s based on Tina Fey’s time as the head writer for Saturday Night Live because all of her storylines feel like they are coming from a real and honest place. Even the ones that are kind of crazy, like that time she held up her pilot boyfriend’s flight because of a fight between them, feel real, mainly because of Fey’s portrayal and writing.

Most of all, Liz’s personality is relatable. It doesn’t matter what age, gender, or race you are. You likely can find something about her that you can identify with. She’s never handed anything, and even when things go her way, they aren’t always spectacular. She’s also a total loser, who has no idea how to interact with people and loves food. She represents every one of those people who still feels like an outcast long after high school, even if they aren’t technically outcasts. In fact, Liz was considered the bully at her high school because of her sarcastic nature.

So in honor of March being National Women’s History Month, and one of the funniest women and TV characters of all time, here are some of Liz Lemon’s best moments.

1. When Cerie gave her a “makeover.”

Cue “Who’s That Lady.”

2. When she impersonated Jerry Seinfeld in front of Jerry Seinfeld.

3. When she kept calling the co-op board.

“And I’m hee-re! To remind you!”

4. Anytime she tries to get out of jury duty.

It works in Chicago; it doesn’t work in New York.

In fact, anytime she mentions Star Wars is amazing, and this is coming from a non-Star Wars fan.

5. When she displayed amazing conversation skills on the phone.

I swear I’ve done this before.

6. And, of course, Liz Lemon’s epic eye rolls. Specifically the one in slow motion.

The best moment evah!

So what’s your favorite Liz Lemon moment? Who’s your favorite female TV character?

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