If you’re a student at San Diego State, you may have heard about (or even experienced) the horror many refer to as “Chappy,” formally known as Chapultepec. Distanced at about a 15-minute walk to the main campus, this residence hall is not what many would call their dream dorm. But I’m here to tell you, three weeks into the semester, that I’m not planning on moving out anytime soon. Here’s why.

Sure, it can get lonely out here, since my pals in the South Campus Plaza towers rarely ever want to trek 17 minutes just to chill in my cramped triple. However, I live with 11 floors full of kids who are looking to make frequent trips to the Aquaplex or just chill in the lounge with popcorn and good company. Mondays are Bachelor In Paradise nights, while Tuesdays are for the American Horror Story fanatics. You can hit the ground floor lounge for some competitive pool-playing; or, in some cases, competitive eating. I once came downstairs and found two guys stuffing their faces with off-brand Cheez-Its, just for the fun of it. Everywhere you go, there’s always a big group of people who are more than happy to invite you along.

Going to college, many people would warn me about how the “Freshman Fifteen” is a real thing. You won’t find that here at Chappy. Too bad for those of us who aren’t physically inclined, because we’re forced to get that cardio in if we want to get to our classes. I can say that although I do have to leave my bed a little earlier than I would like to, the morning walk to Hepner Hall does make me feel better about myself. Of course, there are times, such as in the 95-degree weather, that I wish to have brought my bike or at least learned how to decently skateboard. But aside from the exercise, we get in from just going to class, we have the luxury of being pretty close to the recreational center. There literally is no excuse to not hit the gym or get a good swim in at the Aquaplex. I can gladly say that I’ve been to the gym more times this week than I ever would have if I were in any other residence hall.

Enough with the health and exercise, let’s talk about the food here. We may not have a dining hall or our own kitchen (ahem, University Towers), but we do have some bomb food vendors who drop by almost every day. Hawaiian, East African, Filipino, Japanese, you name it. The bonus is that they all accept meal plans! The plates are huge–enough for me to eat twice a day–and the service is always amazing. Running from 4 p.m.-8:30 p.m., the vendor line is never as long the ridiculous line for So Cal Chicken in East Commons, so I have yet to get toe-tapping impatient and leave before even ordering. Don’t tell them I told you, but my friends in South Campus Plaza and Zura have admitted to me that they’re actually jealous of Chappy kids getting all the good food.

All in all, living in Chapultepec has its ups and downs, but my experience so far has been pretty positive. I would say that it truly gives me the college experience, what with the communal bathrooms and somewhat restrictive living space (three girls in a room that’s the same size as a double).