5 Things That Happen To SWFL When The Snow Birds Leave
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5 Things That Happen To SWFL When The Snow Birds Leave

When the snow birds flock north.

5 Things That Happen To SWFL When The Snow Birds Leave

Living in sunny Fort Myers has many upsides- great beaches, parks, quality of life, university, restaurants, shops, etc. but it also appears that the rest of the world has figured this out and everybody decides to visit our little town during the months of January-April. Mainly the snowbirds are to blame for this, then you also have your spring breakers who come to rec havoc at the Lani Kai on Fort Myers Beach. All of these extra people aside from the norm population in our city makes for an interesting couple of months as locals call "season."

"Season" is frequently used as a verb, noun, and even an adjective. You'll hear people throw the term "season" around such as, "season is definitely here — we're getting busy." Aside from the obvious fact that "season" clogs Fort Myers with grey-haired, denture using, slow driving, elderly people for as far as you can see, many things happen to SouthWest Florida when April comes around, and it's quite comical if you think about it.

1. Drive time is suddenly cut in half

I no longer have to be stuck behind the old lady going 30 in a 45mph when I'm already late for work! Or my favorite is when the elderly just stop in their lane with no warning in the middle of rush hour, as they don't know where they're going... or maybe they just think they can do whatever they want because they're old?

2. We're broke

As much as us restaurant workers complain about how tired we are and how we're over all the snowbirds, they do help with paying rent and give us a comfortable nest egg throughout the year to hopefully last until next season.

3. Going to the beach is possible again

Don't even attempt to cross the Fort Myers Beach bridge in the spring, have you seen that traffic? Backed up for miles and if you're lucky you'll make it to the beach before the sun goes down.

4. Our population shrinks faster than my jeans

But seriously, after Easter weekend all the snowbirds decide its warm enough to go back to their northern homes and they leave us to rest and re-coop in preparation for next season.

5. Party time

Season only lasts a few months, but working long hours every day to accommodate our tourists and spending even more time sitting in traffic leaves us year-rounders ready for a break! As soon as the season ends, it's party time. Spending all your money you just made during the season on a vacation or junk you don't need sounds like a great idea! You'll be begging for the old people to come back by October when you're flat out of money and suddenly that comfortable savings account you accumulated during season, is gone.

* * *

As interesting as it is living in a town with such a dynamic population, I wouldn't trade it for the world as Fort Myers is my favorite city, it's my home.

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