Living In Una Casa de Latinos Isn't All Fun, Here Are The 10 Common Rules
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Living In Una Casa de Latinos Isn't All Fun, Here Are The 10 Common Rules

Us Latinos got those strict parents, if we break one rule. You'll see the other side of mom and dad .


Don't break these rules.

It's Illegal to bring friends over to your house. 

Can't dye your hair in a different color. 

If you didn't clean at all, you definitely not going out. 

You can't walk barefoot around the house. You got to always wear las chanclas (sandals).

No sleepovers are permitted.

Don't you dare turn up the A/C, even if you are dying of heat. 

Trying to sneak el novio o la novia (boy/girlfriend) into the house. 99.9% chance you are getting caught.

If your mother calls you, GO. Don't wait till she says your name for than 2 times. 

Don't talk back to your parents. They will throw anything at you, no matter what it is. 

Don't complaint that your parents are too stric​t. Asi son, que vas hacer. (That's how they are, what are you going to do.

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