12 Struggles Only Girls Who've Lived In Tutwiler Understand
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12 Struggles Only Girls Who've Lived In Tutwiler Understand

But ask anyone, it is all completely worth it.

12 Struggles Only Girls Who've Lived In Tutwiler Understand
Lori Walker

Any freshman girl at the University of Alabama knows that living in Julia Tutwiler Hall is sure to leave you with some of the best memories of all of college. However, it's no luxury dorm and there is almost just as many downsides to living there as there are upsides.

The tons of friends you make and the infinite amount of closets you have at your disclosure definitely makes living in Tut worth it, but you can't forget about all the struggles.

1. Getting the Tut plague less than a week after move-in, and never quite getting over it

2. Having the fire alarm going off mid-shower and walking outside in a towel wrap with wet hair

3. Sharing a room the size of a shoebox starts to get really annoying when you need to blow-dry your hair 2 am and your roommate is asleep

4. You know there’s nothing more obnoxious than when someone takes the elevator up to the first floor

5. Trying to do laundry on a Monday afternoon and having to watch your clothes dry or else someone will throw it all on the ground the second the timer ends

6. Having to deal with “parking wars” just to find a spot in the lot YOU PAY TO PARK IN even though there never seems to be an open spot

7. Being absolutely disgusted at how gross the bathrooms are after the weekend

8. Constantly tracking glitter throughout the halls and getting yelled at by the cleaning ladies because of it

9. Always having to ask your neighbors to borrow simple things like plastic utensils or a last-minute swap outfit because you suck at "adulting"

10. Running downstairs at 11:55 to get a late-night snack at Julia’s Market before it closes

11. Overhearing all the embarrassing conversations your neighbors have because the walls are paper thin

12. You always knew there was mold, but didn’t realize how bad it was until you turned over your mattress during move-out

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