Colleges always talk about how wonderful the freshman experience is and how fun it is to live in a dorm. They think it is so fun that they make it mandatory for students to live on campus for their first year of college. Though we all know, DORMING is a whole struggle within itself! I'm sure some of you guys have had the same struggles your freshman year of college.

1. You have to go downstairs to do your laundry

2. You have to take the elevator to go to your room

3. You can't cook in your room

4. You have to cry in the bathroom when you just need that cry

5. You can't have late night talks on the phone

6. You have to deal with your roommate waking up early if your schedules don't match

7. You have to ask permission for guests to come over

8. You always have someone watching you being lazy and watching Netflix all day

9. You have to change in the room without privacy

10. Your room won't always be clean because 2 people share a room

Despite the fact that dorming is a struggle, it becomes easier when you have friends that support you and are always there for you. I'm glad I dormed my first year of college because without it I would have never met my roommate. I love my roommate very much, and without her, I would not have been able to do this dorming thing.