Live Life Long in Love
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Live Life Long in Love

How to make your relationship last

Live Life Long in Love
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So you found yourself a boyfraaaaan....or girlfraaaan. You're no longer one of those people waiting in line for a movie ticket for one or the third wheel. You have a SIGNIFICANT OTHER BABY; someone to love, someone to hold, someone to satisfy your needs. You look at them in adoration wondering what you did to deserve them; I'm sure they are wondering the same.

I've been with my other half for almost six years now. I must say, I still wonder what I did to deserve this unconditional love from someone who isn't least not yet. (I'm working on it!) Let me tell you how it all went down. We met in college, started off as friends, then cupid shot me. Yup and I fell for him. Luckily, he was there to catch me, even when we were dating long distance, he was there for me and I was there for him. Being in a relationship for six years has its ups and downs. Through the break-ups and make-ups, there is a lot I've learned about living in love. I would like to offer advice to couples (or those considering a relationship) to ensure that longevity with your partner. Let's face it, they may drive us crazy, but who are we kidding, we cannot live without them.

Share & Participate

My boyfriend and I love to cuddle. There are so many events we miss out attending with friends and family because we'd rather stay home, binge-watch Netflix, and cuddle. I mean that's what lovers do right? Well, YES! I can not stress how important it is to feel and receive comfort from your partner. When you're in a relationship realizing that your partner is your long life teddy bear--you can toss the old one you kissed at night imaging it's Idris Elba- to the left to the left! It is great. What makes this so special is that intimacy you share with one another. I figured out why my relationship wasn't working at some point, I was a hog! If my bf and I were eating something and he'd reach for my food. I'd get so upset. (Like who does this mother F**ker think he is reaching for mines) It did not hit me that I was breaking the rules of relationships by being so selfish. Don't be like me. Share with your partner. Share your goals and ideas in order to get a better understanding of each other. Share your space, and spend time together. This is the opportunity for you all to be as one. If you're still acting selfishly in the relationship then you're better off being alone.

Participation is key in any relationship. It is more than compromising to do things the other likes to do. Participation is taking the initiative. When you see your partner is tired, do your best to make them comfortable. Take part in handling a task that you often see them complete. A lot of times we see participation as a competition. Who earns the most money? Who takes better care of the kids? Who walks the dog more? Truth is whether you're bringing in most of the money while they are cooking and cleaning, you both have to offer something or else the relationship will feel one-sided which leads to more problems. Oh! BTW at no point in time should this relationship feel like a competition... unless you're playing street fighter; let the games begin.

Listen & Learn

My bf and I go back and forth with who doesn't listen the most. (I know, pathetic) Truth is, we both listen to each other. Whether we retain the information or not is what's really up for debate. My advice on this section is simple. If you want to know what your partner likes, needs, wants; ASK THEM! Then REMEMBER! If you need, like, want something from your partner, TELL THEM & REMEMBER you told them (don't nag) If your partner is expressing how much they can't stand apple juice and then you surprise them with apple juice, don't get upset because they seem unappreciative - You should've known better! No really, I don't mean to be harsh. In fact, I'm only trying to help. You see this is a simple struggle a lot of couples face and it would all be so much better if we treated our partner like an exam worth 90% of our grade. Right? This person is pretty much your life. It is impressive to find someone that takes an interest in you. It is even more impressive when they seem to know you better than you know yourself. My bf can tell when something isn't right with me because he studies my habits, my body language. I remember one morning, I wasn't feeling myself. He caught me off guard saying it was obvious something was wrong because I didn't have music playing and I always play music when I'm getting ready. To tell you the truth, I was so wrapped up in my thoughts, I didn't notice the change in my routine. He did though. That's why I love him... .he knows me. Get to know your partner.

Love & Appreciate

Of course, you must love your partner to stay in love. Okay, so we got that. But what about those moments when your judgment is cloudy? You know those moments. Don't you hide, now. I'm referring to that moment when they came home late or didn't answer your phone calls. When your partner nags and nags about every little thing and you're ready to pull your hair out (or theirs). Now, you're with me IM SURE! How do we stay in love after all these years? I ask myself. My bf and I have been through hell together. The fact that we have made it through those tough times proves his unconditional love for me and vice-versa. I can tell you when I am upset with him, like GTFO upset, I recall those particular moments without him. I recall those moments with him, good and bad. I come to the conclusion that life pretty much sucks without him. Sure, it is a bit difficult with him, but that's life. We have to learn to appreciate another person dedicated to us. We have to allow them to love us the way they can. We have to stop expecting our relationships to be what we see through the media and start creating our own love story. I've met so many people in great relationships but they were unhappy because they did not appreciate their partner. They always found something to complain about. How disappointing is it to share and care for another to find out they don't appreciate you? Let's not be that person. Trust me. It feels so good to love and appreciate somebody when somebody loves and appreciates you back.

At the end of the day, live your best life with your partner. Don't do it for them, do it for you and your happiness. If they are the one for you, they're going to care about what you need out of life. Your best answer is going to be them. Take good care of yourself and them, so that they'll be able to take care of you. That's how you live life long in love.

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