Life is Like Dancing

A video I watched recently by Alan Watts, titled "Why Your Life is Not a Journey," really opened my eyes. I realized I am living life the wrong way. The only way I can get through the day sometimes is to look forward to something. Spring break, the weekend, summer, whatever it may be. I often find myself caught up in the future neglecting to think about where I am right now. Right now is more important than the future. In Watts' video, he talks about how people are just moving in life towards a goal, but when they reach it, there is another one waiting.

With this mindset, you will never feel fulfilled. If you spend your whole life looking forward to something, you won't ever be living in the moment. You won't be able to enjoy life when you are so focused on a future goal/event. Goals can be good, and ambition can make you work harder, but the way to get the most out of life is to improve yourself in this moment. Watts' says life is like dancing: there is no destination, you are just enjoying the music and aimlessly moving to the beat.

Many people are too focused on a job, money, or success. Not enough people know how to truly enjoy life, not just when you reach those goals. Spending time in the present can be difficult with ambition always looking over your shoulder calling you to work harder. So focus on the music, and the dance itself. Don't look forward to the end of the song. Feel the song in the present, and enjoy the dance of life.

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