One of the major reasons why I am envious of the era my parents were lucky enough to grow up in (the 70s) is that it was common for people to live in the moment. With very few personal technologies available in the 70s, people weren't able to escape their actual realities for an alternate reality within their devices – an alternate reality many people in modern society would seemingly rather live in.

Living in the megalopolis that is Chicago, I find myself more susceptible to technologies distracting grasp despite the constant hustle and bustle of the city. As I have made a valiant effort to evade technological distractions, I have found that the plethora of people using their cellphones, headphones, and laptops all around me, on a daily basis, makes my effort that much more difficult. However, despite the elevated challenge, due to my environment, I still do my best to stay off my personal technology as much as possible because I want to be remembered as someone who always lived in the moment.

As I have grown older, I have learned the true depth and importance of living in the moment and truly epitomizing what it means to enjoy and appreciate the company of the people around you.

In my generation, the prevalence of technology use 24/7 is, frankly, nauseating. From people going live on Instagram when out in a group to sitting in a room, in silence, as my friend texted for 30 minutes straight, it's safe to say I've seen it all. To value the world inside of your phone more than the world you're actually living in is a sad reality for many people. This reliance – this addiction – has led to people potentially pushing those they care about away without even realizing it.

Living in the moment, appreciating the world for what it is, and finding overall beauty in your true reality is a level of quality of life that so many people are missing out on. I for one, plan to continue putting my actions where my mouth is and being present with those I love so that the people around me will always remember that I was one of the few people that always lived in the moment.