Imagine What Your Perfect Life Would Be And If You Could Have It
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Imagine What Your Perfect Life Would Be And If You Could Have It

To imagine my dream world as a reality

Imagine What Your Perfect Life Would Be And If You Could Have It

So, I bet we all have dreamed up what our ideal life would be. Why wouldn't you? Living in a dream world 99% of the time is much more fun than reality. It is like in that Hannah Montana episode where Miley wishes on a shooting star to become Hannah all the time, then it comes true! We all have those moments where we wish we could live a completely different life, and maybe one day it won't be a dream after all.

My dream world is truly the most ideal place to be. Picture this: New York City. Penthouse apartment in Soho, surrounded by beautiful brick buildings and hidden gems of restaurants. I am in my early to mid-twenties just taking the city by storm.

Now I know that it is very hard to make it in New York, but remember this is my dream world, ok?

So back to it: I will be working some amazing job (preferably the CEO of Vogue magazine but we will cross that bridge when we get there). I can just imagine myself walking around the city, eating a nice slice of real New York pizza, and just thriving. That is my ideal life.

But, there is also an ideal world where this wonderful life would have to take place in. In this world, there would be presidents, queens, prime ministers, etc. who have the peoples intentions best in their hearts. To live in a world with no guns, no terror, no nuclear weapons, now that would be a dream.

There are so many people in this world who only want to do nothing but good, but for some reason, all we are seeing is the negatives that happen every day. In my dream world I imagine no nuclear wars or any wars at all, and for the countries all over the world to be a little more like New Zealand, one of the most peaceful countries out there. Really New Zealand, Iceland, Austria, Portugal, any of those work.

Now, remember, this is still a dream world so it sadly is not like any of this will happen any time soon.

Maybe one day each of our individual dream worlds could become a reality. Maybe not the exact way that we have planned out in our heads, but some form of it.

Dreams can become true with hard work and a lot of luck. Who knows, maybe one day I will be living in New York (specifically in Soho) in a cool, funky apartment working as a CEO. Or, maybe I will be working as a Starbucks barista. Only time will tell.

Sometimes it is exciting to pretend for a little while, but just like in that same Hannah Montana episode, she soon realized that she missed her normal life. The grass is always greener right? Keep dreaming everyone, dreams are what can make a difference in this world one day.

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