To the knowledge of most, bees are truly non-harmful, unless feeling threatened by something or someone. In fact, to others, bees are actually considered to be "amazing and adorable." Unfortunately, that was not the case for a recent Taiwanese woman who lived the worst nightmare possible when a doctor found that she had several bees stuck inside her eye.

The incident occurred as the woman was visiting a loved one's grave and doing a mere weed clean-up, when all of a sudden, she felt that something, "flew inside," her left eye.

According to BBC News, these bees are actually not like any other, because they are attracted to one single factor: sweat.

Dr. Hong Chi Ting, who spoke to BBC News, informed that while he was treating the patient and pulling the bugs out of her eye, the bees were actually still alive.

On top of the already horror-filled news knowing that the woman had living bugs stuck inside her eye, there's more still to come — the doctor told BBC News, that she was wearing contact lenses and if she rubbed her eyes, she could have lost her eyesight completely.

But for your information, bees are actually not the only bugs that can make a surprise guest appearance — cockroaches are also found to crawl inside your head!

A cockroach actually went and walked inside the nostrils of a woman reaching all the way up to her sinuses, as reported by National Geographic.

The issue that these two cases have in common, is that yep you guessed it, this cockroach was also found alive just like the bees.

For the sake of humanity and health in general, I have uncovered two simple suggestions on what to do if a bug decides to make an unpleasant pop-up appearance: Do not panic and get a check-up.

I know, if a bug does crawl inside you, the first thing that you want to do is kill it, scream & run. But, that may cause even more harm, instead of helping yourself get out of the situation as fast as possible.

Just try to breathe and keep yourself as calm as possible in order to think clearly.

Secondly, when getting a check-up, your doctor might just be as creeped out as you because you have a living bug stuck inside your body. But, at the end of the day, they are there to help you out and make sure that you are safe! So, if you feel that the situation is getting worse, don't be afraid to call or reach out for help.

And finally, remember to stay safe out there! Become aware of the things surrounding you and keep your bug spray on you.

You truly do not want to be another case of horror that a news platform reports about.