The Little Things In Life
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Student Life

The Little Things In Life

That never fail to make you smile.

The Little Things In Life

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in school, work, and other aspects of our life we forget to really appreciate the little things. If you need some reminder of good times, or feel like reminiscing, here are 50 of the little things in life that never fail to make you smile:

1. Taking a good nap

2. Laughing until your stomach hurts

3. Finding money in your pockets

4. Wearing something new

5. Taking a long shower

6. The first warm day after a long winter

7. Having your favorite song come on the radio

8. Getting into bed after washing your sheets

9. Walking on fresh snow

10. Driving with you windows down

11. Thunderstorms

12. Finding a good sale

13. Waking up before your alarm

14. Eating ice cream out of the carton

15. Turning on the TV and having your favorite show be on

16. When your giftcard just covers the cost of what you purchased

17. Driving at night with your friends when no one is on the roads

18. Handing in an assignment and genuinely feeling good about it

19. Finding the perfect gift for someone

20. A pair of shoes that are perfectly broken in

21. The scent of your favorite candle

22. When the light turns from red to green when you get close to it

23. The smell of warm chocolate chip cookies

24. When your mom/dad makes your favorite food

25. Jumping into a pool on a hot day

26. Sleeping with you window open in the summer

27. Wrapping yourself in a blanket the second it comes out of the dryer

28. Free samples

29. Crossing things off your to-do list

30. Finishing a really hard workout

31. When your smoothie is perfectly blended

32. Getting mail from your friends

33. Opening a fresh jar of peanut butter and the top is completely smooth

34. Writing with your favorite pen

35. Finding a good book

36. Planning a trip

37. When the vending machine gives two of something instead of one

38. Fridays

39. When you think it's Sunday, but it's actually Saturday

40. When your food comes at a restaurant

41. When your playlist lasts the entire duration of your car ride

42. The smell of freshly picked flowers

43. Waking up on your birthday

44. Bonfires

45. The extra fries at the bottom of the bag

46. Late night conversations

47. The sound of birds chirping in the morning

48. Hugging your best friend

49. Walking on a beach

50. Live music

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