Body positivity has become an important topic these past few years and many artists have decided to use their talents to spread the message of self-love. Women, in particular, get heavily criticized by society for not adhering to beauty standards, and groups like Little Mix wanted to tell their female fans that their bodies are perfect just the way they are.

Little Mix has recently released the music video for their single titled 'Strip' from their fifth studio album, LM5. The lyrics of the song talk about loving their skin color and bare faces, embracing features that are considered "ugly" (like small boobs), and brushing off insults about their appearance. They even reclaim those insults in the music video by posing naked with them written all over their bodies during a photo shoot.

The entire concept behind 'Strip' is positive and inspirational, yet people like Piers Morgan attacked the group for their decision to pose naked. He tweeted that he would prefer that Little Mix "use their talent to sell records rather than their nudity." Morgan even accused the group of stealing the idea for their nude photo shoot from the Dixie Chicks. Joan Grande, Ariana Grande's mother, came to Little Mix's defense and stated that the group was paying homage to the Dixie Chicks and that if Morgan had nothing nice to say he should not say anything at all. He dismissed her and then compared Little Mix to Ariana by saying that she is able to sell her music with only her talent and not her body.

Ariana responded to Morgan with a tweet that I believe perfectly sums up what the reaction should have been to Little Mix's photo shoot. She said,

"I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because I choose to. women can be sexual AND talented. naked and dignified. it's OUR choice. & we will keep fighting til people understand."

Little Mix's song is not any less meaningful because they chose to be naked in the music video. They are spreading a positive message and that should be the media's focus, not the fact that they were nude. Their nakedness was a tool to make women feel even more confident when listening to 'Strip.' By having the labels that have been given to their bodies displayed on their skin, they are showing their audience that their insecurities should be embraced, not hidden.

Women are told their entire lives that if they want to be respected they have to keep their bodies covered because they are a "slut" if they show it off. Men see it as unacceptable when women feel confident in their bodies and decide to flaunt them for no reason other than it making them happy. Our bodies have been treated as a commodity that exists only for male consumption. I am thrilled to see that Little Mix has been teaching their primarily female fan base that their bodies are theirs and theirs alone.

The female body is beautiful and should be praised, not ruthlessly insulted. Enforcing unrealistic beauty standards is dangerous for both the physical and mental health of women. Our society tries to plant the idea in our minds that we should strive to meet these standards because we are worthless if we do not, while at the same time claiming that looks are not everything and that you lack substance and creativity if you willingly choose to display your body.

Women do not need your approval to exist. We are intelligent, strong, artistic, and sexy and if we want to be naked, we will be naked. It will be nobody else's decision but our own and we will do it because it makes us happy. And news flash Piers Morgan, Little Mix will always be more successful than you are because your archaic beliefs will hold you back until the end of time.