Little Habits Cats Have That Make Me Love Them Even More

Little Habits Cats Have That Make Me Love Them Even More

Why do they do these things? Who knows.

My answer to the age old question 'Are you a cat person or dog person?' comes from a personal place given that I currently live with four cats.

I am a cat person, if you did not already guess.

By no means that does imply I dislike dogs. I love dogs too, but cats hold a special place in my heart. However, they do the darnedest things, sometimes cute, sometimes scary and sometimes a weird combination of both, and I find it fascinating. So will you, and in fact, you probably know some of these funny little cat quirks. After all, the internet loves cats. Here are just a few seemingly stupid but incredibly cute cat habits that reaffirm my love for felines.

1. When cats blep.

Yes, blep is a word, created and adopted by the internet as a cat with its tongue sticking out and staying out. This can happen after they sneeze, in the middle of cleaning, eating, or drinking something funky to their tastebuds. They just sit there looking derpy with their small, dry tongue sticking out for God knows how long. I have to admit, it is really cute.

2. When cats make that KRKRAWKR noise.

So the technical term is called chatter, but I think my interpretation holds just as well. My cat does this while looking out the window at a bird or squirrel, and apparently this is them showing frustration at not being able to catch their prey. I have also heard that they do it to mimic the sounds of their prey so they can get closer to the kill. Either way, it sounds like the cat equivalent of speaking in tongues.

3. When they knead blankets.

I had a cat growing up that used to do this ALL THE TIME. I used to call them karate kicks, and I have no idea why but maybe it was the way their front legs act. There are a few possible reasons for this behavior. One, kneading provides an outlet for stress because teething the blanket resembles suckling from their mother, a sense of comfort for them. Cats are also territorial creatures, so it could be a way of marking, which I believe. One of my cats, an orange tabby named Mac always leaves his mark with his very wet nose. Gotta love Mac.

4. When they chirp as you start to pet them.

Whenever I reach out to pet a cat, they make this sound "brrrrrrrp" sound when I pet them. I think it is because they are happy. I hope they are happy.

5. When they stretch and their paws spread out.

I always find it entertaining to watch a cat wake up from a nap and stretch for so long that their paws wake up too. I just want to grab them. They look like they are about to take flight. Cats are wild, literally.

These are only a few of the absurd little habits cats have. I know I missed a few, but I think I captured the jist.

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Rescuing My Cat Changed My Life

Two words: unconditional love.


Meet Hermione. Three years ago, on a complete and utter whim, my family decided to rescue her from the SPCA in Philadelphia. We had talked briefly about the possibility of adopting an animal, but my mom didn't seem very convinced during those conversations. Before Hermione, I had never had a pet besides a series of fish throughout my life that never lasted too long, so I really didn't understand the hype about family pets.

Lindsay Messina

Actually, I didn't like cats. From a young age, I always thought dogs were the superior companion, being man's best friend and all that. Cats seemed boring in comparison. I was obsessed with the idea of having my own puppy, so when my sisters ran off to the cat section of the shelter, I reluctantly followed.

We spent a long time looking through the different rooms of cats and dogs, but no animals caught our eye. I remember a volunteer told my mom that since it was after Christmas they only had "sick cats and mean dogs" left. As we were about to leave the shelter, my sister pointed out that we had missed one room. The second we walked into that room, Hermione started to rub against the cage, purring. She let every single one of my family members pet her and looked at us with adorable "take me home" eyes. We instantly fell in love.

The volunteer at the shelter explained that she was taken from a cat hoarder's home that had mistreated the animals. As a result, she has FIV and one eye that she almost lost in a fight with another cat. FIV is a feline immunodeficiency virus that can only be transferred through felines. It is compared most commonly to HIV, but I've learned to explain because people can give you the strangest looks when you say your cat has cat AIDS. It basically just means that Hermione has an extremely weak immune system and should either be the only pet in a household or be in a household with other cats with FIV. FIV is common among strays.

Lindsay Messina

Even though my family had nothing prepared to take home a cat, we did it anyway. We ran to the nearest pet store the second Hermione was in the car with us, and she has been a part of our family ever since.

Like a dog, Hermione runs to the door the second anyone comes home and will meow and press herself against you. There is nothing better in this world than unconditional love the second you get home from a hard day at school, work, etc. She has sat with me on days that I'm too sick to function, cuddled me when I'm sad and has been an amazing addition to our family. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, she has also been an amazing asset for me when I need support. She is the sweetest, most pure angel in this entire universe and I cannot imagine my family and life without her.

I get extremely sad when I think about all of the animals that are currently living in shelters, and I constantly tell all of my friends about my amazing experience with the SPCA. There is such a negative discourse around shelters because people are afraid of the way that the animals have been treated and do not want to take the risk.

The reward is much MUCH higher than the risk. Obviously, it is important to be cautious with shelter animals, but proper education on their background and giving them love and time is key. Knowing that my family was able to give Hermione a better life and love her as much as she loves us will forever change my perspective on adopting versus rescuing.

P.S. Here are some cute pictures to enjoy. Did I write this article just so I could look at cute pictures of my cat? Maybe.

Lindsay Messina

Lindsay Messina

Lindsay Messina

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