Slayyyter, 22, is the newest artist blowing up the pop-music world with her infectious pop jams. Her popularity grew through her hilarious Twitter account, where she showcases her unfiltered personality in the best possible way, winning the hearts of multiple fans with her humor and active online presence. Slayyyter is playing an internet game and winning at every possible moment.

Her first single, "BFF," produced by Ayesha Erotica (who helps produce and write all of Slayyyters tracks), is a gloss-pop dance song that caters to everything a nightclub needs. She's an unexpected dream that stepped into the musician platform with full force. Her gloss-myspace core type lyrics all help shape Slayyyter's style and persona, the tracks are clean, flowing, and meant to be played at full blast.

"Alone" is single by Slayyyter with extremely unique production, that transports you back into the hands of Britney Spears in the early 2000s. It's an empowering track that's glitchy, glossy and glamorous. This entire song is a banger as every second the production gets glitchier and more engaging to a pop-lover. It's what pop needs right now. The internet's busiest music nerd Anthony Fantano (also known as "theneedledrop"), has even titled this song as one of the "best new tracks of the week" along with another single titled "Mine."

"Mine" is Slayyyter's latest single that dropped on Valentine's Day, although a teaser has been floating around for two weeks prior to the release that has made Twitter go crazy. She began a flood of meme creations from fans using her 14-second teaser of "Mine" because the chorus is such a marvelous ear-worm. Her latest single is a flirty '90s inspired pop-house song that'll be played for years on dance-floors. This track helped certify Slayyyter's popularity as its viral meme presence helped get the song to over 200,000 streams on Spotify in a week, which helped all her other tracks get to around that same rate as well.

Slayyyter is an extremely self-aware artist, she doesn't take herself too seriously and that's what her fans love the most. She's a charming provocative confident pop princess with one goal... and that's to make amazing pop-music... which she is currently doing and has so much more to come. She's currently working on releasing a mixtape with a bunch of new tracks that's going to change the game. Her team is pretty tight, with Ayesha Erotica on production and a fellow artist named Josh, known as "glitchmood" on twitter and Instagram that creates all of her gorgeous glitch-gif Bratz-esque single artwork.

In the meantime, check out all of her other singles she's been releasing weekly/monthly. "Candy" is a distorted provocative bop that expresses Slayyyter at her most keen, its sensual, catchy and overall an amazing time. "All I Want For XXXmas" is Slayyyters Christmas track which is another provocative track that's blunt, hard-hitting and just a joyous sexual festive time. Other tracks include "Ghost," "Platform Shoes," "Hello Kitty," and "I'm High."

Get into Slayyyter's bouncy pop perfection right now. You won't regret it. Get ready for the year of Slayyyter.