K.Flay is the Alt. Queen

K.Flay was born in Wilmette, Illinois. Her parents divorced, and her mother got remarried and she welcomed her stepfamily. K.Flay's father died and is the muse of her songs. I discovered this underground queen when her song "Black Wave" played on Spotify. I will be listing ten songs I believe every new listener should play first. Get ready to fall for K.Flay.

1. "Black Wave"

I have to start with this song because it made me fall in love with K.Flay's vocals and get immersed in her album "Every Where Is Some Where." In an interview with Genius K.Flay gave the meaning behind the song, "it's about facing something immense and menacing and choosing not to cower, but to rise up."

2. "Mean It"

Definitely one of my favorite songs on her album. My favorite lyrics, "So when I say I love you I want to mean it...
Cause I say a lot of things that I don't mean." She discusses her fear of faking love and lying to her partners about actually loving them. She also briefly mentions her dad, "And I grew to adore my father
As he drowned in a drink."

3. "Champagne"

The fast pace lyrics and the dark meaning behind the lyrics makes this song so addictive and vulnerable. A great song for those who need to hear a song that really understand them. In a Genius profile for the song a contributor adds that the song, "K.Flay is describing the feeling of sorrow and loneliness that causes her to search for something to numb the pain." K.Flay mentions drugs and alcohol hinting at the title.

4. "You Felt Right"

In an interview with iHeart Radio K.Flay gives the meaning behind the lyrics, "'You Felt Right' is really just a storytelling song. There's not much metaphor or extra meaning. It's a straightforward thing about the progression of a relationship that doesn't work out. But I think at the end, there's at least a sense of empowerment on the narrator's side. As a narrator, you have the ability to disseminate stories and tell them the way that you want to tell them, which is kind of cool."

5. "Make Me Fade"

"I'm brighter when you make me fade," is such a strong lyric in the song and really gives a summary to the meaning of the song. This song could be describing drugs and the feeling it gives the singer or about a relationship that makes her feel like she is high or faded.

6. "Bad Vibes"

In an interview K. Flay gives the meaning to the Bad Vibes, a single she dropped recently. "The goal isn't to be happy every minute; it's just to move away from negative energy," said K. Flay. The lyrics bring up fake, negative friends that most people encounter in their lives. Also, negative energy that makes us feel like we are not enough or makes our mental health worsen. The song is upbeat and catchy but still has that grunge vibe.

7. "Lucky One"

K.Flay and Tom Morello both sing in Lucky One and Morello's voice adds to K.Faly beautiful tone. The song as I interpret it is about coming from an affluent or positive background, but still dealing with issues and problems.

8. "Run For Your Life"

Run "Run For Your Life" is featured in the "Tomb Raider" film, so I am really proud of my girl for making moves. According to Genius, the song is in the point of view of Lara Croft. "This track was a new challenge for me — writing a song from a perspective outside my own, trying to capture the spirit and energy of a film I hadn't seen in full yet. (PS I've of course seen it now and it's awesome)." said K.Faly to The Hollywood Reporter.

9. "Dreamers"

"Dreamers' is a song I wrote for myself, a bit just as a reminder. I have a lot of friends who are artists and do creative things, but I also have a lot of friends who don't, and sometimes I look at a more mainstream lifestyle, and I'm like, 'What am I doing? I did it all wrong.' I think in order to be creative as your profession, there needs to be a little voice inside you spurring you to continue, despite your own doubts and the doubts of others, and whatever obstacles may come. That song was me talking to myself saying this life and your reality is whatever you make it and it's whatever you strive for it to be. It's a reminder to keep dreaming, keep going" K.Flay said in an interview iHeart Radio.

10. "Wishing It Was You"

This song is about wishing you were still with your ex and want to be with them while being in a relationship with another person. It is full of heartache and pain.

I hope you enjoy the ten songs and make sure to follow her on Spotify!

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