EXO's Album 'Don't Mess Up My Tempo' Should Be On Your Current Fav Music Playlist

EXO's Album 'Don't Mess Up My Tempo' Should Be On Your Current Fav Music Playlist

These boys can dance, they can sing...and they most certainly can steal hearts.


I've been very into Kpop for about seven years now, and I'm always amazed by the songs these men seem to produce. I really started getting into EXO about four years ago, and I've been pretty much in love with them ever since. EXO is a relatively popular pop group in South Korea that consists of nine members (previously 12). I'd heard some of their earlier songs, but when "Call Me Baby" was released in 2015, I became hooked.

Although I get busy and am not always on top of their releases, I try to check in with their music whenever I can! And let me tell you, the new album does NOT disappoint. The album came out on November 2nd, so I was actually able to get to it pretty quickly, but it very quickly became one of my favorite albums by them, which is saying a lot, considering how good the 'LOTTO' album was.

The title song "Tempo" might just have to be my favorite, featuring smooth vocals and even a slight a capella moment, which just blew me away. As of right now, this is the only song off of the album that currently has a music video, and it is STUNNING. The boys are dancing, which I always love, and Kai is primarily front and center for a lot of these dance sequences. All of the boys can dance, but Kai especially shines in this area and they definitely capitalize on it for the video. While not all of the members of the group have experience acting as well, you certainly can't tell looking at them! The way they look at the camera pretty much pierces directly into your soul, so if you do happen to stumble upon the music video, just be prepared for that.

And surprisingly enough, the other songs on the album seem to follow "Tempo"'s example! While I typically have at least one or two songs on the album that I don't really like, I genuinely enjoyed listening to the entirety of this particular album, I obviously have some favorites, "Ooh La La La" and "Gravity" is among them, but I added the entire album to my Kpop playlist, something that happens very rarely.

Overall, I just can't stop raving about this album. In KPop, there's something known as a bias, which is like your favorite member of the group. I've been flipping back and forth between Kai and Xiumin for my bias, but this album has made it even harder for me because I just love them all. They all have amazing voices and bring something different to the table for all of their fans to enjoy.

The ONLY complaint that I have about the album how little Lay seems to be on there. Even in the music video for "Tempo," he only showed up for a couple of frames in a video that was 4 minutes long. He doesn't show up as much as the other members on the rest of the album either. However, Lay released a solo album of his own just a month ago, so at least he's got his own content for those fans who want to hear more of his lovely voice!

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10 Songs To Add To Your Workout Playlist For That Extra Pump

These songs will drive your workout routine into overdrive in the best way possible.


Below are ten songs that will give you that adrenaline rush for your workout routine. It's a mix of all genres ranging from heavy rock to rap to electronic with artists such as Brockhampton, Grimes, Show Me The Body and Vince Staples. Some tracks will throw that extra punch into your weight lifts, some tracks will help you run that extra mile you've been wanting to achieve.

1. "Camp Orchestra" by Show Me The Body

A great way to start out this playlist is with this insane track. This song starts out slow but my god does it build and build and BUILD. The build-up is extremely motivating and, by that two-minute mark, the song starts to get absolutely insane. It lights a fire under your ass which is what everyone needs when they're just about to workout.

2. "New Orleans" by BROCKHAMPTON

"New Orleans" first few seconds will already get your blood pumping through any type of workout. Whether it's running, lifting, legs, literally anything will fit the criteria for this song to pulse through your veins.

3. "We Appreciate Power" by Grimes (feat. HANA)

This industrial-pop nu-metal track by Grimes is such a sick female-empowering anthem. It's from the perspective of an A.I. girl group, and it will surely fuel your entire routine. It's a glossy machinery dream with Grimes pixie voice accenting a hard-hitting industrial instrumental.

4. "Vox Turned D.E.D" by Liars

This synth-heavy track will awaken all the physicality in your workout, especially if you're going for a 6 a.m. run. The drops are bass-filled and heavy, the voice is ambient and daunting. It's a mile run into an electronic dimension, with such a catchy hook.

5. "Mehanizam" by Ontal

Do you ever imagine what it would be like to work in an alarming refinery? Well, this song embodies that completely. It's a ringing alarm of a song to help get you through the sweat and tears of an intense workout. It's tar-like, electronic and the most intense wake-up call.

6. "Talkin Greezy" by Cakes Da Killa

Queer rapper, Cakes Da Killa, is one of the most talented rappers right now. His flow is insane, his beats are energetic and this track is definitely an example of that. "Talkin Greezy" will give you all the attitude and confidence you need during your workout session, it's a spotlight track right on you.

7. "Opps" By Vince Staples, Yugen Blakrok

This song was amazing in "Black Panther," and it's amazing when you're running miles after miles. "Opps" has such an infectious rhythm, its a full-fledged fight scene at its highest potential. The lyrics are fantastic, and will only make your blood pump faster to the beat.

8. "Dead Weight" by White lung

Just like all the other tracks on this list so far, this one starts out just as wild and ready. The vocals on this track are banshee-like but soft at the same time it's an insane fusion. This song is FAST... it's like a shot of lightning to your core especially as the song progresses.

9. "212" by Azealia Banks (feat. Lazy Jay)

Azealia Banks is one of the most exceptional lyricists in the rap game. Her classic hit track "212" checks off everything you need in an upbeat song that packs the ultimate punch. Her flow, range, smug talk, singing, and jaw-dropping yells make the entire experience for "212" a fierce one.

10. "Get Got" by Death Grips

This playlist has now come to an end with the experimental rap group Death Grips. This electronic lo-fi-fried punk-rap track is an aggressive piece of pure intensity. "Get Got" is a great way to end your workout session, it's just as hard-hitting as most of these tracks and an overall rapid track to workout too.

Check out this playlist on Spotify here.

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