The 'Betty Cooper' Way To Battle Anxiety And Body Shaming

The 'Betty Cooper' Way To Battle Anxiety And Body Shaming

Media plays an important role in society by providing entertainment and the ability to transfer messages to varied audiences.

The CW

Lili Reinhart, an American actress, is best known as being an activist for rising above one's insecurities.

She chose to advocate because of her own anxiety, at which point forced her to return home from L.A. to seek professional help. After receiving treatment, Reinhart moved back to L.A., winning the role of Betty Cooper on The CW series "Riverdale." Using her fame for good, she brings attention to issues she finds prevalent.

To help others feel less alone, Reinhart draws on her own struggles with anxiety and body image, communicating that mental health and body shaming affect everyone; real is powerful, fake is harmful. Reinhart speaks her mind about such issues through mediums such as digital magazines and Twitter. However, she frames these messages differently to accommodate diverse audiences.

In digital magazines...

Digital magazines are used to present things in a visually attractive way. They are easy to access but lack the trackability to assess the number of advertisement interactions. Magazines are expensive because of their design, publication, and newsstand remit rate costs.

With interview-based articles providing explanations of Reinhart's actions and words, individuals can better understand her thought process as interviews allow her to clarify her perception of specific topics.

However, magazines have an objective tone by using impersonal language, making Reinhart come off emotional detached. With digital magazines following a traditional format, Reinhart has no word limit to express her thoughts.

However, she has no control over other stylistic features or how the interviewer will incorporate her words. Digital magazines' interactive nature creates parasocial interactions, restricting Reinhart's voice since she cannot engage with her audience, despite the audience being able to comment.

Reinhart uses digital magazines to accommodate her audience that is not on social media. When giving interviews she helps her audience understand her perspective by giving longer and more informative accounts. In an interview with SELF, in response to backlash over her tweets about mental health, she said, "I still can struggle mentally with anxiety and depression... [and] it's not something to be ashamed of ever."

Through her message, she describes mental health, analyzes its effect on people, and interprets why it is important to address. In an interview with Elite Daily, in response to photoshopped pictures of her, she said, "to see the drastic difference in our waists that were Photo Photoshopped was disturbing..." Through her message, she describes body shaming, analyzes why photographers photoshop, and interprets why it is important to call out those people. Through digital magazines, Reinhart explains the deeper meaning of her messages on social media.

On Twitter...

Twitter is used for marketing, sharing information, and connecting people. Twitter is easy to access and has a better performance trackability through its ability to assess how much interaction is generated by ads. Promoted Tweets, ordinary tweets bought by advertisers displayed in users' timelines, tailored to each user based on how they interact and what they interact with on the site. This platform is expensive because of its high research and development, sales and marketing, and general and administrative expenses.

Furthermore, Twitter has a subjective tone by using personal language, including videos, gifs, and pictures, establishing personal connections. However, with Twitter using short-form text, Reinhart only has 280 characters to express her thoughts. This often creates drama from miscommunication as people misinterpret the meaning behind electronic messages due to poor word choices. Nonetheless, she controls what her audience sees, and every word is her own. Twitter's interactive nature creates social interactions, allowing her to personally interact with her audience via replies, retweets, retweets with comments, likes, direct messages, and sharing tweets.

Reinhart uses Twitter to accommodate her audience that is on social media. On Twitter, she can only give short, specific accounts when communicating with her audience. For example, she has tweeted, "To anyone out there who feels depressed or hopeless... do not fucking give up on yourself..." and "Your mental health should be your priority..." Through these messages, she describes mental health, analyzes the signs of mental illness, and interprets the effects of depression. She has also tweeted, "Telling someone they don't deserve to feel insecure because their body is 'fine' or 'just like' whomever is wrong..."

Through this message, she describes body shaming, analyzes the problem of body shaming, and interprets the importance of body positivity. Through Twitter, Reinhart relays her messages to her audience.

Media platforms ensure global communication, serving as gateways to information accessible to the world. Using Twitter and digital magazines as gateways, Reinhart makes people think critically and through her messages. Her messages arrive at a judgment based on her own experiences, revealing the truth about the dangers of body shaming and mental health problems. Such gateways allow exposure to various people, enhancing relationships, including Reinhart's relationship with her audience. Attracting a larger audience on Twitter, Reinhart primarily uses this platform but likes to additionally use digital magazines to engage with her entire audience.

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