20 Things Only *True* Chicagoans Will Understand, And The Suburbs Don't Count
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20 Things Only *True* Chicagoans Will Understand, And The Suburbs Don't Count

If you're not from Chicago, you won't get it.

20 Things Only *True* Chicagoans Will Understand, And The Suburbs Don't Count
D'Yanna Kloog

Those of you who are from Chicago will appreciate this. Others will never understand. (If you're from a suburb you're not a true Chicagoan.)

1. 233 South Wacker Drive

233 S. Wacker Dr. will always be called the Sears Tower by us Chicagoans.

2. Navy Pier

Most Chicagoans know that we never go to Navy Pier. We leave this place to the tourists.

3. Suburbs

If you say you're from the suburbs, you're not a Chicagoan. Sorry.


If you park on the street you know you're going to have to be prepared to dig your car out.

5. Ketchup

Never put ketchup on your hotdog. If you do, you'll probably receive some weird glares for those around you.

6. Football

It is all about the Bears in Chicago. One mention of the Packers or other football teams you might as well move.

7. St. Patrick's Day

We do St. Patricks Day better. Our lake gets colored green.

8. "The Subway"?

It is never called "The Subway." Simply only the "L" or the "Train" or the exact name of the train. That's it.

9. Skyline

The city's skyline is better from the south side

10. One Word...


11. Potholes

More like BLACK holes. The potholes are always crazy.

12. Baseball

If you really want to watch a good game of baseball and win go to a Sox game. No one expects the Cubs to win. Most Chicagoans are Sox fans.

13. The Bean

It's a bean, people just go there to get pictures to post on social media saying they went to Chicago.

14. The wetter the better

We Chicagoans love our Italian beef. Always ask for a side of beef jus.

15. Bad LSD Trip

No, we don't mean LSD the drug. LSD stands for "Lake Shore Drive." When we say we had a bad LSD trip that means too much traffic.

16. "I'm from Chicago"

When someone says they are from Chicago, it does not always mean they are actually from Chicago. They think if they live an hour from the city they are still from Chicago.

17. Binny's

If Binny's does not have what you are looking for it is best that you will need to settle for something else, or it simply does not exist.

18. Amtrak vs. Metra

The Amtrak is different than Metra. Amtrak goes out of the city, Metra goes within the city places

19. People

No matter where you are in the city the pedestrians run the city. Always watch out for them. They will cross the street even if the no walk sign is on. KEEP YOUR EYE OPEN. Nine times out of ten, they don't care about the cars.

20. Hotdogs

Chicago-style hot dogs are the best hotdogs. Hands down. Do not try to argue that with a real Chicagoan

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