A Lighter Life

This is a more personal story of mine but I have come across a few woman that also had the same problem I had. A heavy chest that weighs you down is usually seen as something not so serious or even a blessing but it can actually hinder everyday activities. In my case, the weight of my breasts had put such severe pressure on me that it started affecting my back and yet people around me still criticized me about considering a reduction. They viewed my body as something that wasn't mine, that I should not lessen it because it would make me less of a woman or less "blessed" than most. In reality, It was a constant annoyance that riddled me with spontaneous instances of pain.

I would be heading to class and there was so much pressure on me that it would be too painful to even walk. I could barely perform the simplest tasks without my breasts getting in the way of things. I was so embarrassed as I had to double up on sports bras when I tried doing sports in highschool but everything was so uncomfortable to me that I ended up quitting. A simple bra that could actually provide support, absent of any flattering design would be at least 50 dollars or more. Not only was it an extra expense but it limited what I could wear and how I dressed. It lowered my self-esteem drastically and it had always been something that I had seen as excess and ugly. I felt as if I couldn't feel comfortable with myself, I couldn't love myself entirely if that was how I was always feeling.

After high school, I had decided to look into breast reduction and wth the help of my mom, which I am not going to lie, is a very stressful experience, I was able to get my request approved. In my second year of college I entered the operating room more excited and full of optimism than one would expect and after counting down from ten I was a new person. A person I could finally be comfortable with and it never once lessened me in my femininity, my sexuality, and my authenticity because I was just a new version of myself.

After I had completely healed I felt amazing, I felt light and my steps were airy and lifted. Now I am more than six months post operation and have a much brighter outlook on myself and the world around me. I still have the scars to remind me and I knew they were going to be there and at first, they were a hindrance almost as ugly as my previous breasts but after awhile I learned to love my scars. They are beautiful, deep, and dark, full of so much courage to enter that room, to spark change within myself and my own life. I want other women to know that the procedure can change their lives, and not to hesitate if you are not happy because now I am out here with so much more confidence that was lacking and I love it and I love myself and I'm more happy at this point in my life. There are people that will support you ad will not judge you, and I am one of them.

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