When Life's Busiest, Take A Break
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Student Life

When Life's Busiest, Take A Break

Sometimes the only way to get things done is to take a break from doing them.

When Life's Busiest, Take A Break
The Johnson Letters

Two weeks.

That’s all that’s left for this semester. Each passing day is just that much closer to Christmas break. Classes are coming to an end.

That also means that, for many classes, these final two weeks are going to be hell. Projects, papers and tests galore are expected. Even as I write this, my mind is consumed with the seemingly endless list of tasks to be done before I can enjoy any sort of break.

As my to-do list grows ever longer, I have the same thought over and over: I’m not going to have any time. Maybe you’ve had a similar thought as the semester comes to an end. You feel as if there’s more to do than there’s actual time to do it all. You might already have planned out every minute of every day, knowing that there will be no breaks. I certainly don’t have any time for breaks.

Yet, I think it’s exactly when we have no time for breaks that it is the most important that we take breaks.

When overwhelmed with the busyness of life, it can be very tempting to just want to endlessly work. It can feel like taking any break at all will set you back even further and prevent you from finishing. I know, at least, that’s how it can feel for me.

But I’ve started to realize the importance of taking a break—taking time, whether it be 30 minutes or a couple hours, to rest my mind. There comes a point where I’ve been working at something, whether it be writing a paper, reading a book or preparing for a test, where my productivity just sinks like a rock. I become tired; I can’t remember something I’ve looked over multiple times; I make progress so much slower.

Because of this, I’ve forced myself to take breaks. That has ranged anywhere from a quick food run with my roommates to a couple of hours of ultimate frisbee or basketball. As soon as I come back from my break, I feel more focused and ready to take on what’s next.

It’s important to never forget to take care of yourself. Taking a break is one way of doing that. Not only are you giving yourself a chance to rest, even if it’s only for half an hour, but you’re also letting your brain restart. You’ll be at least somewhat fresh when you tackle that assignment again, and can be more productive. More productive means getting it done sooner.

Don’t try to keep banging your head against a brick wall.

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