The ones who are with you through all the ups and all the downs that college throws at you, the ones who deal with your psychotic breaks, and the ones who know the real you and still haven't moved out yet (for some reason): your college roommates. They are and always will be the sisters you never ever wanted. You're with them 24/7, and they know everything about you (probably way too much), and you wouldn't have it any other way. They are your family away from your family, and they define the true meaning of friendship. They bring a lot to the table:

You always have more than one closet.

On nights out, let's face it, you are very rarely ever wearing your own clothes. I am constantly replying to people's comments about the shirt I wore last night with a "thanks, it's my roommate's." The best part about going shopping with your roommates is telling one of them to buy something so you can borrow it after. You know you and your roommates are a little too close once you find yourself wearing things of theirs other than shirts or pants...

You always have a constant support system.

Even after you make the worst decision possible, your roommates will always have your back. Of course, they'll scream at you for a little while about how stupid you are, but that is exactly what they are for. At the end of the day, they will always support your decision and if they don't, well they'll tell it how it is.

And they can't judge because they're basically the same person as you.

Chances that they have made that same bad decision once or twice before are relatively high, and you do everything together no matter how gross or dumb. So your house/dorm is always a safe zone when it comes to the judgement department.

One of them is always down to eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's with you.

Had a crappy day and just want to bury your emotions into a tub of ice cream or two? At least one of your roommates will gladly join you. Best part of having girls as roommates is once those emotions hit you like a ton of bricks every month, they're probably right in the same boat with you. Always a relief when you have someone to be miserable and moody with!

The brutal honesty is a real stinger for a few seconds, but necessary.

Whether they're telling you that shirt makes you look fat or you look too ugly to go out in public, that honesty is a type of honesty that you just won't get elsewhere. It hurts for a little...especially when you're feeling yourself and think you look good and then they just go and stomp that into the ground, but you just got to trust them and do as they say regardless and thank them for it later.

You always look like trainwrecks together.

You never have to worry about looking like a total mess alone because you always have your roommates right by your side looking just as terrible. The whole looking like you just rolled out of bed look is a common trend we rock.

The boy advice.

The boy advice normally just ends up leading to one conclusion in my house: "you don't need him. Eat and be happy." And that is exactly what we do. We all rant and we all have boy problems but at the end of the day, we look to our roommates for that extra bit of reassurance that pizza>boys.

Living with a bunch of girls for four years sounds like the worst thing in the world and of course, at times it isn't easy, but having those people in your life who know you like the back of your hand is truly a special thing. College teaches you a lot, but the most gratifying one on the list is that it gives you these lifelong friends. They are your people forever and nothing will ever change that. So, thank you to my rays of sunshine for being my people.