15 Life Skills That Colleges Should Make Graduation Requirements
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15 Life Skills That Colleges Should Make Graduation Requirements

You can't live off of frozen food and microwave meals for the rest of your life!

15 Life Skills That Colleges Should Make Graduation Requirements

In a lot of ways, college is supposed to prepare you for the future. When we get to college, we learn how to become independent and take care of ourselves while also working towards obtaining our degree. The goal is to leave college ready and well equipped for higher education or entering the workforce. Although we may feel that our education will allow us to be successful in the future, there are a lot of essential life skills that we never learn while in college.

Here are some things colleges should make graduation requirements so that we aren't completely clueless when we enter the real world.

1. How to do taxes

Entering the workforce means that being able to do your own taxes is necessary. Although many schools offer some sort of financial literacy course, most students (including myself) don't bother taking them because they don't fit into our schedules.

2. How to change a flat tire

Imagine being stuck on the side of the road unable to figure out what is wrong with your car or fix a flat tire.

3. How to write a check

Although checks are becoming less used, it is still an important skill to have and one that not a lot of people my age know how to do!

4. How to invest money

Econ majors and those savvy with their money may have a slight advantage on this one, but for the rest of us who are completely clueless about how to effectively invest our money, a course on basic investment would be helpful.

5. How to buy a house

Loans? Mortgages? Negotiation? Home owner's insurance?

6. Basic self defense skills

Being able to defend yourself is perhaps one of the most essential life skills you should know and yet, the majority of us would have no idea what to do in a threatening situation.

7. How to cook (anything)

You can't live off of frozen food and microwave meals for the rest of your life!

8. Cyber safety

Protecting your files and documents on your phone and computer from unwanted eyes gives you peace of mind.

9. How to use public transportation

This is especially important if you plan on living in a city. Knowing what types of transport are best in what situations and how to use them can significantly increase your efficiency and save you time.

10. Basic sewing skills

For every rip, tear or missing button on your new clothes.

11. How to take care of your personal and mental health

Adulthood is full of stressful and challenging times and so it is only critical to learn how to battle these issues and seek out help when life becomes too chaotic.

12. How to tie a tie

Your mom can't be there all the time to help you out with it!

13. How to bargain

Whether it's in a local market or in a professional setting, bargaining and negotiating are life skills that are only advantageous.

14. How to write a formal letter or email

Email or letter writing becomes very important when you're reaching out to your boss or even a loved one.

15. How to swim

It can save your life!

The transition to adulthood is difficult but learning these skills in college could make your life much easier!

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