Life Is Too Short To Not Travel

When you get offered the glorious and exciting opportunity of getting to travel somewhere, why would you even think about holding back? Traveling is so good for the soul. It's the greatest way of "running away" from everyday life.

It's good to do that anyway. It's healthy, and it's great to have a break every once in a while.

I know sometimes money can be the main factor standing between you and Mexico, or you and Disney World. I can understand that, and I also know that we don't just live life to make money, eat, and sleep. I know we can always make money, but we can't always make memories. I also know that we can't just hop on a plane or get it a car and go somewhere for free.

We must work hard for what we want, and eventually, we earn vacations and traveling.

Traveling is a huge part of life, and it shouldn't be taken for granted. Everyone deserves to travel and see the world.

Sometimes, being stuck at home can get a little old. You wake up, go to work or school, eat, shower, sleep, and repeat. You wish for something temporarily different. Change. Good change.

What are the unknowns here? What is so bad about hopping on a plane and facing your fears? It's all worth it when you get there, and it will definitely be worth it in the end.

I don't get the holding back of some people.

I absolutely hate airplanes, but I'm willing to get on one to make amazing memories. I'm willing to face my fears of going up 35,000 feet in the air to see Cinderella's Castle or to visit Mexico for the first time or to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean.

Life is too short to not travel. You'll be missing out if you choose to stay home. You shouldn't spend your life just in one place. There is always home to go back to, but there are millions of places to explore and go to.

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