A ball and chain, a leech, quicksand; not wanting to let go, the Past holds fast to its host to the point of becoming one with them. Given the opportunity, it has the power to define a person. The weight of mistakes and regrets can overpower, as dwelling on the Past brings turmoil.

A mysterious figure, the Future hides in the shadows, promising a better life. With nothing to lose, one follows blindly at the possibility of a fairy-tale life unaware of where they tread. One misstep leads to a dream-like fall into the empty abyss.

There is a light shining in the darkness, where the Past and Future meet, known simply as the Present. A sliver of time that determines where the Future leads and where the Past follows. Strain arises from the Past, weighing down on one side, and the Future pulling the other direction. Hot and cold, fast and slow, Past and Future; trapped between two extremes, failure seems imminent, but the choice made in the here and now offer a chance to break free from the Past and ordain the Future. With this choice, the Past becomes stepping stones that pave a way for a brighter Future.

The burdened life of the Past becomes free as the leech turns into a companion – the load becomes a blessing. The unknown Future becomes known as it throws off its dark cloak revealing the different outcomes based on the choices made in the Present. The ignorant child of the Past and the demented elderly of the Future attain, the overflowing wisdom of the Present.

Essentially, the idea I'm trying to convey is that if you regret your past and dread your future your life will be a mess. The past is not all bad and the future has great potential, but in order to recognize those, you need to accept who you are in the present. Your past and future can define you if you let them, but your present self needs to be the one to define your past and your future. We've all make mistakes, and we all ponder how our future will look, but we need to take time to appreciate life at the moment; for only then will we be able to live life to the fullest.

Another key idea to recognize is that yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not promised. This means that the past is behind you, there is nothing you can do about it, so why regret it when you can just accept it and move on. In addition, why worry about the future when there is no definitive that it will come about? Death lurks around the corner waiting to strike, but it is unknown when it will. Why fret over the future when the future could be gone tomorrow

"If we don't let Jesus deal with our past and heal the pain, our past will have power over our present and future." - Unknown