Life Always Moves Fast, It's Time to Catch Up

If you are like me, you are finding yourself about to enter the time of the year that every college kid dreads; final season. This is incredibly confusing for me, considering it feels like just yesterday I was moving into my sorority house and starting my sophomore year of college. For some reason, this year feels faster than most. It is crazy to think that in a blink of an eye, we will be home for the summer.

When deciding whether or not to stay in and do work, or go out with my friends, I looked at a calendar. To my dismay, I soon realized that after this week, we only have three more weeks of Sophomore year.This means only three more weeks of living in my sorority house, three more weeks of mixers, three more weeks of waking up and walking three steps to go into my best friend’s room. You get the point.

It seems that when second semester starts, time just flies. The minute we come back to school from winter break, we are bombarded with tests, work and social events that will complete our calendar for the rest of the year. I remember January, sitting with my friends and coming to the realization that every weekend left of the school year, we already had something planned.

This was scary for us, but we began to think about how the seniors might feel. Now, only three weeks away from the end of school, we are beginning to realize how precious time is, and how lucky we are to only be ending our sophomore year.

There is some comfort in knowing that the best years of college are still ahead of us, but fear in knowing that we are halfway done. Often times, we forget to live in the moment. We think of the weekends ahead of us, the parties we will attend, the tests we will cram for and so on.

This is the sole reason for us not appreciating the moment; because we are too busy planning out the rest of our lives. If this year has taught me anything (don’t worry parents, I’ve learned a lot, but you know what I mean) it is that time is precious, and that every moment should be taken advantage of.

Instead of thinking ahead, let’s think in the present.Let’s take advantage of the days we have, the moments we share with good friends or the times we spend crying in the library. Because these moments, even if they don’t seem to be at the time, are ones you will look back on one day when you don’t have time left. So stop planning out your life, and start living. You have enough time to do the things you want to do, so do them.

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