Life Lessons "She's the Man" Taught Us
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Life Lessons "She's the Man" Taught Us

She's the Man can teach us a lot through gifs.

Life Lessons "She's the Man" Taught Us

She's the Man is potentially one of the best movies in the entire world. If you haven't seen it, I give you permission to stop reading this article right now and go watch it. Seriously, it's comedy genius. And after watching this cinematic masterpiece approximately 3.7 million times, I can tell you with great authority that She's the Man is not just a pointless comedy movie. Oh, no. This movie has depth. This movie is inspirational. So, here are some of the life lessons She's the Man has taught me. 

Soccer is without a doubt the hottest sport. 

Confidence is the key to life and success.

Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is.

It's what's on the inside that matters.

And you can't help who you like/love.

Flirting can be as easy as talking about cheese.

Also writing a girl a song is superrrrr romantic. 

It's really important to chew like a lady.


Tampons have diverse uses. (And yes I have friends who have actually used tampons for nose bleeds, and it worked great.)

On occasion, you will lose to the 'Hot Girl'.

And if this happens, you can just dance it out. 

But most importantly, this movie first introduced us to the God among humans that is Channing Tatum, and all any girl ever wants is this.


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