Whether it be the Parent, Heart-Throb, Serial Killer, Football Coach, or Roommate, I can always find a character within a TV series I watch that teaches me something about the reality I live in. I could list off one hundred characters like this but I will stick with sharing three shows I have currently watched, including New Girl, Limitless and Breaking Bad.

1. New Girl

In New Girl, the main character, Jessica Day (Jess), has a best friend named Ceci. While Jess is an awkward, quirky, middle school teacher, Ceci is a smooth, collected model. The two girls on the outside are polar opposites and yet have more fun, more in common, and have been friends for longer than any other friendship I've yet to see.

2. Limitless

In limitless, main character, Brian Finch teaches me that the most unlikely candidates can be the most valuable.

Though he might be taking a drug called ZBT that gives him total recall, Brian becomes the most important resource for the CIA in any circumstance. Brian, a man in his late 20's who spends the majority of his time smoking weed and playing video games, becomes intertwined with the CIA because of his use of ZBT.

However, what makes Brian so valuable is his ability to motivate, have faith in himself and his peers, as well as instilling trust in those around him by not trying to be something he isn't.

3. Breaking Bad

When it comes to life lessons, Breaking Bad can provide you plenty of them. Walter White makes a deal with the devil, using his skills as a chemistry teacher to create and sell Meth as a means of providing money for his family when he is diagnosed with cancer.

Though the morality of his actions is questionable itself, Walter taught me throughout the series more through his actions while making Meth. His struggle to keep his original purpose (his family) as his motive for his actions as his product begins to flourish as he gets involved with some bad people.

These TV shows about drug distributions, murder mysteries, life with roommates, etc. Provide lessons beyond the plot of the series. So to whoever says that TV isn’t educational, I would argue that we learn many life lessons through the experiences characters have and how they handle them