How do I get rid of a stuffy nose?
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11 simple Life Hacks That i have proven Actually Work

Knowledge from my limited experiences

11 simple Life Hacks That i have proven Actually Work

The internet is my saving grace for answers to my life struggles. Will I meet my soulmate this year? ...Buzzfeed says yes, so it MUST be the cute guy across from me on the subway! I have a slight cough, what is wrong with me? ...WebMD says I have some kind of cancer, so I should probably skip my 8 a.m. class! False. Half the things I read on the internet is just smoke blown in my face. I cannot tell you how many life hacks for the hiccups I have tried.

This needs to be fixed! The internet is supposed to be the place of infinite answers and knowledge, not fake readings of horoscopes, or relationship advice from a commitment-phobe. I want real information that will keep me from losing at life. To start this trend I have compiled some life hacks, that actually work; don't make the same mistakes I have.

1. Clean stains off of tennis shoes with nail polish remover

I know it is kinda random, but it can make shoes look brand new!

2. If you are in a new place and need to stop, search for nearest Barnes and Noble

They RARELY put Barnes and Noble's in bad areas, so you know you can stop in near there!

3. Get grass stains out with vinegar

just got a grass stain on your brand new pair of white shorts? just run and grab some vinegar and scrub those green marks right out!

4. Get rid of a stuffy nose...

Push your tongue to the roof of your mouth and press a finger in between your eyebrows! Now if you are sick obviously this isn't going to work indefinitely, but it when you are taking a test or in a quiet environment that you don't want to be sniffly constantly, this can help reduce the pressure and congestion for a minute or two!

5. Pins and needles from a limb that has fallen asleep?

Though some people suggest hitting it, if you shake your head back and forth with that limb, it helps the brain catch up with the nerves faster and it wakes the limb up faster!

6. Run your wrists under cold water to cool you down

During the summer especially, it is easy to get over heated and sweat. When I get ready I hate sweating while trying to do my hair and makeup and all that jazz, so running cold water over your wrists actively cools the blood in the your arms because of the pulse point in your wrists where large quantities of blood pass through!

7. Use Google to proofread your writing

after writing a long essay, reading it through for mistakes is not the most enjoyable thing in the world, but if you copy and paste your writing into Google translate and have it read it back to you! That way you can hear it, but you have fresh ears to the content.

8. Don't want a soggy sandwich?

If you are packing a sandwich for lunch, put the tomatoes in the middle or between the meat and the lettuce, then wrap the sandwich in a paper towel before putting it in a plastic bag or container! Believe me I have mastered keeping sandwiches from getting soggy, even on humid days.

9. Listen to rain to help to study

The best white noise to retain information is proven to be rain, and I use the website for endless rain noise... sometimes I use it even when I'm not studying just because I love the sound!

10. Want Amazon Prime?

If you are a college student, Amazon Prime gives you an extended 6-month free trial, and then after that you get a discounted (almost 50% off) price of the actual membership! You get free shipping on most things, and you get video streaming of tv shows and movies!

11. Increase period font size to lengthen your paper

I learned this one from my roommate, cause she is the best... if you search for all "." in you paper and increase the size rom 12 to 14, it will look exactly the same just add some extra space between each line of text!

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