10 Life-Hacks I Learned From My Mother
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10 Life-hacks I Learned From My Mother

Thank you Mom.


While a university student, I've reflected on the tools and habitual routines I've brought to my college campus from home. Many small tidbits I have acquired over the years were from my mother. Below I've listed ten of them, which have proved to be quite beneficial in college.

1. Use knife on any type of jar to release pressure and open.

2. Use dish soap to remove clothing stains.

3. Placing orange or lemon peels in the garbage disposal to make it smell better.

4. Use an ice cream scooper for making cupcakes or cookies to scoop the batter.

5. Leaving an article of clothing in the bathroom while Running a hot shower to remove wrinkles.

6. Cut off the top of a tube on lotion/makeup to get to remains at bottom.

7. Roll hard boiled eggs on a firm surface to remove shell easily.

8. Placing an upside-down metal spoon in an open bottle of Champagne to keep the drink bubbly.

9. Embrace vinegar for various tasks.

10. Stack clothes vertically in drawers to see them all.

Thanks, Mom.

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