Sometimes it feels like life is always hitting you down and never giving you a break. As if it’s life’s personal vendetta to make sure you have the worst time living, whether that be spilling your coffee on your newly-clean white blouse before work, forgetting to do an assignment, parking too close to a pole so that your side mirror flies off the minute you back up, or losing someone you love.

It all really sucks.

At one point, the last thing you want to do is open up your Bible and read about God and “stuff.” You want to cry, curse, and just sulk in your sadness. In fact, one time I sat in my car for a solid 40 minutes and pouted because I did not want to see anyone or talk to a single person.

Did I feel better when I got out of my car and walked back to my apartment? Sure. Did it last? Not at all. The minute I got back I felt that same sadness and anger I had in the car. In my room, I tried to fill my pain with chocolate milk, food, and a hot shower, but all it did was numb me at that moment. It didn’t provide a real solution for what I was going through.

That same night I saw my Bible sitting on the desk and knew what I had to do. I could feel God pulling me to Him. So I sighed super loud, and grudgingly sat at my desk, and opened it to the book I was studying, and read. I was like a child whose parents were making them eat vegetables.

And just like vegetables, while you may not want to eat them, sometimes they are healthy for you. The Bible is the same way.

After reading just a few verses, this calming force seemed to shoot back at me. It felt something like this:

As I kept reading and reading, the more every tense muscle in my body left, and my mind was filled with this soothing bliss.

There is just something magical about being in the presence of the Lord. When you open your Bible it's like this instant burst of calm has washed over you and all your anxiety, worries, etc. is gone.

It’s just you and Jesus. Then you wish you could always feel this way all the time. But you can!

God is always here, the Bible is always here, and we are always in need to calm down our wrecking ball of feelings.

He is the calm to your storm. The bringer of peace, and the One you should always go to...Your Father.

Am I still going to sulk and cry in my room at night? Probably. I’m only human.

But I know the peace and calm that I get from spending time with the Father, and therefore will always know, the biggest answer to any of my problems is Him.

Only He can give you peace to whatever you are going through. Not food, Netflix, boys, coffee, crying, showers, chocolate milk, etc. Even though we try, we will never experience true peace when our dam breaks and pain floods our lungs. Food and crying are all temporary things, that may soothe us at the moment, but don't compare to the effervescent joy you get when you simply open up your Bible or pray.

If you are feeling beaten down, and like you can’t get up, open up the Bible. Read a passage or two. Believe me, you’ll end up feeling a lot better. And if you don’t know what to read, here are some suggestions!

Comment your prayer requests and I will pray for you and whatever pain you are going through in this season of your life.