When you’re feeling yourself, you are feeling yourself. There is no reason you should have to apologize for that. However, sometimes you scroll through your Instagram explore page and see all these models on extravagant vacations, while you have just heated up your third frozen meal of the week.

Then, there are moments when life is ON POINT.

1. When you find the best top, skirt and heels combo.

You know you are going to have a great night.

2. When you are having a good hair day.

No need for dry shampoo, ponytail or hat. You feel like a model.

3. When you get a great sleep.

You wake up with a smile and feel like taking on the entire world.

4. When you walk onto the bus, train or plane.

And it feels like the world revolves around your schedule and life.

5. When the cute guy who you have never said a word to knows your name.

Is it true love? Probably not, but you feel great.

6. When you go to the gym, clean or do laundry.

You feel great and like your life is in order.

7. When you cook a real meal.

Not microwaving your third frozen meal of the week.

8. Shaving with a new razor.

No words can truly describe that feeling.

9. When your paycheck arrives

and you finally have money again.

10. When you and your friend are out on the town together.

You two are the dynamic duo and are taking on the world.

11. When a friend or a guy asks how you’re doing.

Like genuinely asks. You are awesome.

12. When you realize you are practically a functioning adult.

You make it through a week without a breakdown, rare, but good.