Life Of Dillon Chats About New Music And Their Journey Thus Far

Life Of Dillon is an alternative pop duo that has been hard at work throughout their career and has been crafting up some incredible new music that deserves a listen. You may know their music from their debut single “Overload” back in 2015. The single had great success for the duo and they then set out on tour with Meghan Trainor. Life Of Dillon then went back to the studio working hard on new music that is now making an even bigger mark. Life Of Dillon's newest single “Sex For Breakfast” hit over 2 million streams on Spotify shortly after being released. The new single has set a perfect tone for their new music and I was able to chat with them about it all.

“Sex for Breakfast” offers a little different side to your sound compared to “Overload”. What inspired the direction for the sound and song itself?

  • We love writing our songs to the acoustic guitar and we wanted to keep that organic element whilst also giving that clean modern sound. Just a sprinkling of interesting sounds like the vocal samples we used can have a really great effect without ‘over-producing’ the song. Harmonies are a big part of our music too, we really like to layer up the vocals to create ‘choir-like’ backings but not enough to overpower the lead vocal. When I’m producing the songs I’m always thinking about how the lead vocal will be heard by the listener; The lyrics are the soul of the song. - David

With over 2 million streams on Spotify with “Sex For Breakfast”, I’d say the song is off to a great start. With that in mind, what can we expect to hear from your new music?

  • Honestly, it’s a great feeling! It’s been so long since we put our last single out and the sound has since changed so we weren’t really sure how people would react but the response has been overwhelming. We’re just going to keep putting out more songs over the coming months along with a lot of visual ideas David and I are putting together. The next single leans a bit more towards Davids influences which you’ll hear very soon! - Joe

Who are some artists that are some of your biggest inspirations?

  • Michael Jackson was my childhood idol. And even today looking back on what he did is pretty incredible. Not just musically but historically. I also loved Bob Marley. I think everything that he sang sounds good... without a question, and he was a cultural movement. As for more current artists... I think is sick is Bryson Tiller... or maybe Leon Bridges - Joe
  • I’ve always been into more guitar driven songs, be it rock, blues, pop, country; So artists like John Mayer who's one of our generation's greatest guitar players to Sting & The Police who had some of the best rhythms and lyrics to Blink-182which was like straight pop/punk…even throwing it back a little to ZZTop who had great guitar licks, and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones with such incredible melodies and musicality…I could go on and on. - David

If you could work with anyone in the future, who would you like to work with?

  • I think a collaboration with Chance the Rapper would be sick. I love his sound, and to hear those kind of flows and lyricism over some guitar would be the one. - Joe

What advice do you have for those artists getting their voice heard in the industry and have their music out there?

  • I think talent counts for 20% of your success. The greatest resource you have is a great record, but at the same time what you lack in talent you can make up for in hard work and making smart moves. - Joe
  • Saying ‘no’ to a good opportunity can sometimes lead to an even better opportunity. Make smart decisions, not hasty ones. - David

Social media can play a huge role in new artists getting their name and music out there as well as connecting with their fans. How has social media played a role in your music journey?

  • It’s really helped us connect with our fans… especially since we’ve been focusing on making our songs over the last couple years and we’re not on the road right now. The best place anyone could get to know us would be our Instagram or Snapchat… or Facebook… all @lifeofdillon - David & Joe

Who are some guilty pleasure celebrities you follow on social media?

  • Tbh I don’t really follow too many celebrities like that on social media. But I like Ruby Rose. She’s just a bad ass and I always like her pictures - Joe
  • Like Joe said we don’t really dive into watching many celebrities on social media though I do watch Ryan Sheckler's Instagram, he’s always posting dope tricks - David

A huge thanks to Life Of Dillon for taking the time to chat with me, now jam out to their hit below.

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