College Graduation Best Described By The Cast Of 'Friends'

Graduation can be a stressful and exciting time for many. You are closing another chapter of your life and getting ready to start a new one. You may be moving and leaving behind your friends and the town you have called home for the last four years, preparing for a 'big kid' job, and so much more. While it is safe to say you may be ready for the challenge, you can't help but look back on what these experiences taught you. Through the tears, the laughs, the stress, and all of the crazy moments, 'Friends' can perfectly represent your entire college experience from move-in day up to graduation day. Here are 9 times that 'Friends' perfectly described your life as you prepare for graduation.

When everyone keeps asking you what you are doing after college and you don’t even know the answer to that

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I wish I had an answer about that, but I don't. Next question.

When you discover that job hunting is a lot harder than you thought it would be

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Now you are competing against what feels like anyone and everyone. Be prepared to send out a lot of applications and just hope for the best.

When you realize you might have to leave the town you called ‘home’ for the last four years

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That town has become your comfort zone, are you ready to leave it?

When you learn that your friends are moving hundreds of miles away for grad school or for a job

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Instant tears

When you think about graduation day....

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Will you cry? What will you wear? Who is all going to be there? Who cares, this day is about you. Smile and be ready to celebrate.

How you feel when you think about paying off student loans

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Is anyone ever truly ready for the responsibility of paying bills? I can answer that, no.

When you discover the real world is not like college

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Well, shit, now what?

When the semester just seems to keep going and all you want to do is get that diploma

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I think we are all just trying to pass and be done with the BS already.

When you finally realize that you are so close to being done and beginning the rest of your life

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It is terrifying. But, you made it this far, now go out and conquer the real world.

To all the new college grads- Congrats, you did it.

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