College life is hard and every student knows that. The Office does one heck of a job to prove that living the college life is fun and unpredictable.

1. When sitting through a PowerPoint lecture gets the best of you

Yes, because we all love listening to a PowerPoint presentation for an hour everyday of the week.


There isn't much we wouldn't do for a free t-shirt or free food.

3. And trying to go back and get more free stuff

I promise I wasn't here earlier, that was my twin.

4. Thinking about what it must be like to have no responsibilities

Imagine the life of no homework, class, work and all the responsibilities of an adult in general.

5. "Tell us one interesting fact about yourself"

Do people actually remember that interesting fact because if they do, I'm Beyonce, always.

6. Or "are you in any sports or activities?"

Parkour definitely counts as a sport.

7. When it's your friends birthday but you're on a budget

At least there's some thought put into it, right?

8. Sitting at work and not wanting to do work things

There's so much stuff we'd rather be doing than work. Even if that means just banging on a mug all day.

9. When your friends make you listen to a new song from an artist you've never heard of before

For real though, who is Justice Beaver?

10. Looking at your bank account and realizing you only have $1

If only money grew on trees.

11. When a student in class asks a question that was already answered

Whenever this happens, we all just want to get up and leave. Zero patience.

12. When you're trying to keep it together during finals week

Running on no sleep and coffee there's not much we can do but mildly freak out.

13. When someone asks how you're doing


14. All of us after watching a cute dog video online

Who wouldn't be emotional after watching a dog video?

15. When you're running late to class and you become Usain Bolt

Thinking we're athletic when we're actually not.

16. Coming back to campus after the summer

Wait, so we still have to go to class?

17. Doing everything you can to get free tuition

Even if that means getting hit by a car, we'll take it.

18. Game changer when writing essays

100% true.

19. When someone asks you if you know how to do the homework

Does anyone actually know what they're doing when it comes to homework for class?

20. Seeing someone trip going up or down the stairs

All you can do is laugh and that's okay.

21. And finally, eating whatever you want, whenever you want

Ice cream for breakfast is not that weird when it comes to college students. On second thought, ice cream at anytime of the day is okay.