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Life Beyond School Doesn't Have To Be Scary, But That Doesn't Change That It Is

For the first time in my life, I don't know what's next and that is both scary and exciting. But, I don't need a road map anymore.

Taylor Caponigro

My life has always seemed like a well thought out plan. Especially when it came to school. After elementary school came to middle school then high school and of course where I am now, college. But, now that school will be coming to an end so soon it's hard to face the unknown of what is next for this new chapter in my life. So I want to remind myself as well as those also struggling like myself what's important to remember about a life well beyond school.

While I am scared, I am very excited about this next chapter of my life. No more school and my time to finally make a place in this world.

Remember to always think before you act.

This time will present a lot of opportunities, but always look into and spend time before making a final decision because one wrong move can make an impact. Make the right impact.

Listen and learn.

You don't always have to make your voice heard, sometimes in silence, you can learn a lot about yourself. Soak in all that life has to offer as the time to find a job approaches and learn from others who have been in your shoes before.

Don't jump the gun.

Don't SETTLE for something way below your worth. Know what you want and continue to fight for it no matter what other opportunities present itself. Settling is accepting the fact that you didn't let your dreams come true. Allow your dreams to matter how long the wait may seem.


Say no when needed, but say yes to things you didn't think about trying before. Sometimes you can achieve all that you wanted by taking a different route and that's OKAY. Take the road less traveled, maybe the one you didn't think about before.

Enjoy this time.

Let this period of freedom take you on new adventures and enjoy the unknown because it will make you stronger, better, bolder and of course that much more amazing!

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