How does "The Lion King" relate to our lives? Let's take a look...

1. A new baby, a new beginning!

2. As a child who grows up with siblings, fights are bound to happen.

3. As the child grows up, he realizes his purpose in the “Circle of Life."

4. However, at some point in one's life, there will be that “parent-child” talk.

5. Then as the child grows up, they will inevitably fall in love.

6. From that point on, they become an adult.

7. After marriage, they will have to worry about parenthood.

8. Most of one's life, there will be problems one will face.

9. At some point when one gets older, one will become wiser.

10. In the end, life has to come to an end. #longlivetheking

11. However, remember that those who have passed on are always with you.

12. Basically: enjoy life while you can.

13. Enjoy it with friends that you love.

14. And remember, life is short, so make the best of it.