Life As A Science Major

Science majors know the hard work, dedication, and tears that go into being successful in the sciences.In order to be a science major, you must really be into science. Any major in this field is hard, but it's all worth it. Here is an inside look of the life as a science major as told by the Big Bang Theory.

1. Seeing a non-science major in the science building.

2. When a non-science major tries to explain something science related to you.

3. Looking at the syllabus the first day of lecture.

4. Spending 6 hours in lab.

5. When a non-science friend asks you to tutor them in their science course.

6. Not being able to prove your hypothesis.

7. Having a chemistry lecture first thing in the morning.

8. Studying for exams.

9. Getting an "A" on your final.

10. Finishing the semester with a passing grade.

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