Life As A 21st Century College Student

Nowadays schooling, education and ways to learn have changed drastically. Whether you're in high school or college- the way we learn has conformed to the ways we now use technology. I mainly am coming from a day in the life as a college student in this day and age. Not only has almost everything come available online, but this is how we do a good portion of our work. Reading textbooks, turning in homework and essays, or sometimes even taking tests, has now become an online event.

Many people look at our generation and think we are completely consumed with social media, and the technology we use. Little do they know, we use technology for more than just entertainment, but also for use in the classroom as well. Ask any student, and I'm almost positive that they will tell you each of their classes has an online profile connected with their school. A place to turn in homework and discuss with your teachers, never mind how much the use of email has an impact on the way we communicate with our professors. Yes, we still know how to and do use email.

As far as resources go, our textbooks are now almost always offered in some version online, as well as our homework. And you would never believe the amount of money we pay just to have a 5 digit code in order to do our homework. With that said, online environments can be beyond helpful when it comes to studying for a test, and getting others' opinions and thoughts on certain things.

So to answer the debate of our generation using technology for schooling, yes, I am glad that this is the generation I am apart of. Although sometimes I do prefer the hard copy of a book or homework, having an online presence has made things 10x easier for me as a student, and I am completely okay with it.

Next time you judge one of us for being on our phone, think twice because there could be a chance we're studying or working on school!

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