13 Shameless Lies Every Parent Told Their Children That Probably Traumatized Them
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13 Shameless Lies Every Parent Told Their Children That Probably Traumatized Them

Now looking back, how did I ever believe some of these?

13 Shameless Lies Every Parent Told Their Children That Probably Traumatized Them
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Oh, how perspectives change with age. Thinking back, my younger self was gullible. In fact, I was so gullible a person once told me if you said "gullible" really slow it sounded like "hot dog."

It all makes sense now, why I believed the lies my parents told me when I was little. I decided to ask those around me if they had gotten to experience these "stretching the truth" moments as well and it is quite comical to hear the things we once believed to be true.

1. If you put your foot underneath the area rug, your toenails will become a fungus.

I say this one from experience. I used to love to stick my feet underneath the free-standing carpet and it annoyed my mother like no other.

Coincidentally, my dad had a messed up big toe from his army days. He then had the bright idea to tell me his toe was like that because he too used to stick his feet under the carpet when he was little.

2. If you cross your eyes or make an ugly face it will get stuck like that.

I now know it won't get stuck like that, and I have no excuse as to why mine is still ugly.

3. Law enforcement related lies.

Like telling your yelling/screaming children in the backseat of a car that the police will come and take mommy away if they keep screaming.

Another great one I've seen is fake dialing 9-1-1 when kids wouldn't wear their seatbelts.

4. Mom breathes fire when she's mad.

I think my dad just told me this one so I wouldn't annoy my mom lol.

5. Swallowed gum never leaves your stomach.

"It takes seven years to digest!"

6. Eating watermelon seeds will cause a watermelon to grow inside you.

Or apple seeds for that matter.

7. Turning the light on inside a car at night while your parents are driving is illegal.

Something about lights on inside a car really irk parents!

8. The Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny.

A classic.

9. Santa won't come unless you're asleep.

When really, the parents just need time to put presents under the tree and stuff stockings.

10. They don't sell replacement batteries for that toy.

Get that annoying thing in the trash can ASAP!

11. Lying about what actual food you were eating for dinner.

We often called fish "chicken" in my house growing up.

12. Saying "almost there" on every road trip.

13. That (insert animal here) went to live on a farm.

Breaks my heart every time.

I hope this momentarily brought you back to your childhood and also gave you ideas on how to continue this tradition when you have kids of your own. The winner is the one with the best/strangest lie.

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