45 Library Thoughts Everyone With A Library Card Has
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45 Library Thoughts Everyone With A Library Card Has

Like shower thoughts, only more public

45 Library Thoughts Everyone With A Library Card Has
Tamás Mészáros

As someone who has held a library card for years, because of the school i went to or the area of town I lived in, I know my home library pretty well. I also know several other people who use the library and the privileges of a library card to their full advantage. Whether it was the teachers looking for books on any subject, kids looking for video games, or teens spending hours on the computers, the library has always had a lot of people come through its doors. Here are some thoughts from any library card owner who uses it:

1. I don't use this enough

2. It's so great that they have free DVD/Blu Ray rentals

3. I forgot the CD rentals!

4. The sign said something about renting game consoles as well as the games

5. And didn't they have e-books now? for Kindles or something?

6. Why is this library so big?

7. I can't find the book I want

8. Searching for non-fiction is so annoying.

9. I give up. I'll just wander the aisles and hope I find the right section.

10. *10 minutes later* never mind. I guess I'll go ask for help

11. Ooh, Garfield comics.

12. I'll look it up on the computer instead

13. I can't remember the title or the author.

14. Ignore the other people, they probably aren't staring at you

15. Finding an employee, literally everywhere you didn't want them

16. Like at the end of the aisle, staring while you read book you won't check out

17. Figuring out the elevators, and what is on each floor at any door.

18. Why is the library so big anyway?

19. *wonders aimlessly around the Children's section* *tries not to be creepy*

20. *finds Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows* Just to reread the best scene ever- Molly's cussing.

21. Oh, yeah, I was going to read that one series that's definitely downstairs.

22. What was the author's name again?

23. *arrives downstairs at teen section* I don't even know the title.

24. I can't look it up based on the plot, though...

25. Time to search for it, in every stack of books in this section.

26. *finds 3 series that I've already read*

27. *spots at least 5 new books to check out at a later date*

28. *picks up a couple books to reread*

29. Ooh, that title looks cool.

30. What a cool cover...

31. *checks inside flap* ... aaaaaaand the plot sucks. Dang it.

32. What was I looking for again?

33. Bag's full, guess it's time to check out.

34. *heads to check out*

35. *cue flashbacks of being buzzed at the security gates for not checking out correctly*

36. Because I usually have a bad experience with the machines

37. Let's check out with a person this time.

38. *gets to the front of the line* *gets out all of the books in the backpack*

39. *hands over library card* Why is she typing things in?

40. *gets card back* I handed her my student ID!!!

41. *embarrassed * My card was right there, behind the ID in my wallet.

42. *completely reorganizes bag for travel to the car*

43. *rushes because of the people behind me*

44. *walks out, checks phone* Wow, I only in there for an hour this time!

45. Crap, I forgot to get that book series! Guess I'll get it next week.

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