My Liberal Arts Majors Are Not Useless, Thank You

The liberal arts majors are the staple of the useless degrees joke.

I guarantee you that psychology is on every "useless majors" list you've ever seen. In fact, I'm a double major (psychology and mass communications with a journalism track) and not just one, but both, of my majors are on a Daily Beast article entitled "The 13 Most Useless Majors, from Philosophy to Journalism."

As a journalism major (technically mass comm, but in the interest of this article let's just call it journalism since that's my track anyway), I'd like to say that the only reason my major is "useless" is because of a little thing called social media. You see, its wonderful that news can get spread for free through social media and the internet in general; however, YOU'RE KILLING THE JOURNALISM INDUSTRY! Stop it! The reason The New York Times makes you pay $1 to keep reading an article is because the journalism industry does not make as much money off of print newspapers as it used to. If journalism stopped dying, my journalism degree may lead me to work for huge companies like The New York Times or The Washington Post. Pretty good jobs, am I right? So maybe my mass communications journalism major wouldn't be useless if it weren't for cheap bastards like you who don't want to pay for news. It's your fault that journalism ends up on every "useless majors" list!

Secondly, PSYCHOLOGY IS NOT USELESS IN ANY WAY. Unless you plan on finding a good career in psychology with a BA...then, and only then, is it a useless degree. However, if you plan on going to grad school like me, you're in luck! You're going to find a wonderful job in psychology. Even if someone were to major in psychology in undergrad and not continue their higher education, having an understanding of how the mind works allows you to dig deeper into situations and come up with logical conclusions rather than making assumptions. Psychology teaches you how to think and how to analyze situations and people, which can actually make you a better and more logical person. Through psychology you can see people for who they are rather than attributing snap judgments to a person in a certain situation. Psychology is beautiful! If it weren't for psychology, you wouldn't be medicated for any disorders you may have. You wouldn't get the counseling you need. And did you know you could work for NASA with a psychology degree? Now you do. Psychology isn't so useless now, is it?

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