Lia Marie Johnson's Troubling Instagram Lives

Lia Marie Johnson became a relatively well-known YouTuber between 2014-2017 and then starred in a show called "Tagged" which is like "Pretty Little Liars," but much darker and more twisted. The show is about three girls being attacked both on social media and in person by anonymous Monkey Man. I definitely recommend watching this show.

Outside of the show"Tagged," Lia seemed like a very positive and bubbly person with an emerging singing career. Her song DNA sheds light about her father being an alcoholic and the fear of becoming like him. The music video is very heart-wrenching. I can relate to the lyrics and the fear of following the steps of an alcoholic father, since my father is also an alcoholic.

Children of parents who have addictions grow up with mental health trauma and substance abuse. Children of alcoholics experience health trauma severely similar to that of soldiers, according to an article published by American Addict Center. The National Association for Children of Alcoholics stated, "those who grow up under drunk parents are four times more likely to develop alcoholism in their own adult lives than kids who grew up in better conditions." It's not a fact that these children like Lia Marie will definitely become alcoholics, but it's more likely.

One of her lives, linked here, is of Lia just having a conversation with her viewers as well as with a friend of hers. She changes her voice a couple of times and her conversation becomes confusing at times. The comments range from concern to people asking for her to flash on the live, which is disgusting. Other show support and want to make sure she is okay, but as a viewer, there is so much one can do for Lia. A flood of YouTuber started doing videos analyzing her situation and the Instagram lives. The most popular ones are by Tommy Carter, where he seems genuinely concerned.

I really do hope that someone intervenes with Lia Marie's destructive behavior and helps her steer away from a life of addiction. Also, make sure if you are a child of an alcoholic or have friends that have an alcoholic parent, make sure to check up on them.

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