A Lexingtonian's Guide To Christmastime
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A Lexingtonian's Guide To Christmastime

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

A Lexingtonian's Guide To Christmastime
Haley Biddle

Whether it's "Swinter" or snowing cats and dogs, there is so much going on in the bluegrass. If you're coming home this break, or if you happen to never leave like me, here's a list of events to make your break excitedly less break-y.

Southern Lights Holiday Festival. At our very own, Kentucky Horse Park, the beloved Christmas lights are shining brighter than ever. Already open and flourishing until December 23, from 5:30 to 10 pm consider yourself busy.

Holly Day Market. For all the shopaholics, this local market brings vendors from all around, except The North Pole. If you like to spend all your money in one place or can't find the perfect gift for someone, chances are, you'll find everything and more here. Open December 1 and December 2 at 10 am, the Lexington Convention Center is your place.

Michler's Christmas Market. If you've ever seen Michler's Florist, Greenhouse, and Gardens, you know it is the quaintest corner of Lexington. Although this weekend with food, drink, music, and more it will become even quaintier. December 2-3 can't come soon enough.

YMCA's Reindeer Ramble 5K. For those who just can't fully take a break, there is indeed a place to blow off all the holiday steam. This year, the YMCA is hosting a 5K out at Keeneland on December 9 starting at 11:30 am. Merry Fitmas, I suppose.

Kentucky Ballet's "The Nutcracker". A tradition I hold very near and dear to my hear, the annual showing of The Nutcracker at The Opera House downtown. On December 9 at 2 pm, sugar plum fairies will be dancing much more than in my head.

UK Basketball. You cannot exactly name yourself a Lexingtonian unless you have been to more UK games than you can count. Thankfully, there is always some hot chocolate and a cold seat waiting for you in Rupp Arena no matter the weather. Find the UK Basketball Schedule here.

The Glitz at Irish Acres Gallery. One of my favorite spots in Kentucky is this magical lunch spot. Even more beautiful during the holiday season, this wonderland in Nonesuch, Kentucky will serve you the yummiest meal yet. Open Wednesday through Saturday, from 11 am to 1:30 pm you can reward your tastebuds until the end of the year.

Shaker Village Illuminated Evenings. Starting next month, every Friday and Saturday evening in December you can find yourself at Shaker Village basking in the beauty of winter. With fires, several lights, and delightful musical guests, your nothing to do just turned into something to do.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night.

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